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Percent Geek
You are 8% geek
OK, so maybe you ain't a geek. You do, at least, show a bit of interest in the world around you. Either that, or you have enough of a sense of humor to pick some of the sillier answers on the test. Regardless, you're probably a pretty nifty, well-rounded person who gets along fine with people and can chat with just about anyone without fear of looking stupid or foolish or overly concerned with minutiae. God, I hate you.

Take the Polygeek Quiz at Thudfactor.com

Actually, I think that I am really big, dorky, geek. I was just lucky and must have answered the questions right:)
Over the Rhine


My Chemistry Professor brought this to our attention last friday:

Perchlorate, the explosive main ingredient of rocket and missile fuel, can cause thyroid function problems at high levels in adults and low levels in children. It gets into the ground water and then food grown in there. Environmentalists argue that the level of perchlorate in water should be no more than .1 ppb (parts per billion), the EPA states that 15 ppb is a safe level, while the government is pushing for 200 ppb.
I have internet at my house!!!

"Better a bleeding heart than none at all."

am i supposed to use the trackback or permalink to site my sources?
Paul Bunyan Net
This whole internet deal is really getting old. A month and no connection. Hello! after 3:00 PM doesn't mean Noon. I told you I wouldn't be there - can you not make a note of that and pass it on to the installer?

And the doorbell still doesn't work. Wire one already. Carl the Mailman says that its an apt building violation to not have a working doorbell - bet John doesn't know that.

Yeah...I'm being pretty negative in these posts. Probably from the internet withdrawl:)
assembly test
I did okay. I was pleased the information I didn't understand wasn't covered on the test, except the damn pep/7 register hex crap. The distracted study time with Mike in the CS lab paid off:)
miniette in binary = 0110 1101 0110 1001 0110 1110 0110 1001 0110 0101 0111 0100 0111 0100 0110 0101
in hex = 6D696E6965747465
in octal = 665513346454535072143
in decimal = forget it
Staus NZVC
Program Counter
Stack Pointer
(check this sean "mr. i aced the test")
Algo me dice que ya no volveras
Estoy seguro que esta vez
No habra marcha atras

Despues de todo fui yo a decirte que no
Sabes bien que no es cierto
Estoy muriendo por dentro

Y ahora es que me doy cuenta
Que sin ti no soy nada
He perdido las fuerzas
He perdido las ganas

He intentado encontrarte
En otras personas
No es igual
No es lo mismo
Nos separa un abismo

Que sin ti la vida se me va
Oh, vuelve
Que me falta el aire si tu no estas
Oh, vuelve
Nadie ocupara tu lucar

Sobra tanto espacio
Si no estas
No paso un minuto sin pensar
Sin ti la vida lentamente se me va

Algo me dice
Ya no sirve de nada
Tantas noches en vela
Aferrado a mi almohada

Si pudiera tan solo regresar un momento
Ahora es que te comprendo
Ahora es cuando te pierdo

Que sin ti la vida se me va

Y a pesar que fui yo
A decirte que no
Sin embargo aqui sigo insistiendote
My phone works! Call me 444-8719

froyd this is for you:
I now have comments enabled! Just leave a little message at the bottom of the right menu. I'm a little afraid of what will end up here. Sometimes I'm glad I'm not near you when you read my blog, so I don't have to hear what you think.
sean wants me to update
but i don't really have anything to say so...here is my fortune from cs lab log-in prompt: the only real advantage to punk music is that no one can whistle it.
bit scared
watching memento + eyes wide shut + basketball diaries + alone = sleeping with the kitchen light on
be the miracle - kelly
I am confidence and insecurity, I am a voice yet waiting to be heard...that you hear 'round the world and I'm a one girl revolution...superchic[k]
Something is happening, but you dont know what it is, do you, Mr Jones? (Bob Dylan, Ballad of a Thin Man)
I'm not anti-capitalism, I'm anti-greed.
Daniel Miller

Can everything just work out please.
I want to see miracles, to see the world change

- Switchfoot

We're all human.
Note to self: I need a big white board to chart my responsibilities/priorities/deadlines/to do list
Oversleeping sucks.
I need to go to bed on time more often.
I take solace in pretending that my life is not as hectic as it really is. I sit in class and (if I succeed) I forget about what I have to do next. I pretend that time is a year ago - I don't have an insane schedule and I actually have free time. It is comforting.
I actually fulfilled my purpose as TA in comparative politics today!
I was able to give a first hand explanation of the layout of British Parliament - cause Julie G. and I stood in line for an hour to sit in on their debate (it was totally worth it).
he finally called.
I'd do anything
I'd give you my world
I'd wait forever to be your girl
Because your the only one within my heart
I was born to make you happy

The national Housing Wage for 2003 is $15.21/hour
According to the National Low-Income Housing Coalition. Yet the minimum wage is still $5.15/hour. Slacktivist summarizes the whole issue nicely.
Current Pet Peeve:
Instructors need to learn to take their screen savers off or delay the start of a screen saver to the length of the class. What good is it to have a graphic/ppt up if you keep having to move the mouse every time the screen saver comes on.
i think my computer is broken for good.
it won't start up. and just when i was getting internet on sat. blah:(
i apologize for sucky posts
i am really frustrated with blogging. everytime i think of something to blog - i'm not at a computer. whenever i'm at a computer - i don't feel like blogging. but by popular demand of froyd, i am updating a little. although badly, these posts aren't really that interesting. theyblinked hasn't mentioned much that i feel you all should know, danielsjourney is on sabatical, i need to scan pics to put up, so sorry that you all check this and nothing is that great.
I hate powerpoint.
powerpoint should not be used for teaching purposes in a class. it is not condusive to taking notes. i cannot write down everything that is contained in the slide. this so annoys me. i'm the type of note taker that wants to write down everything. plus while i am writing this - i can't concentrate on my prof's accent and thus lose most of what he is saying.
I've read about the Project for a New American Century before, always pronouncing its acronym phonetically "P-NACK." But while reading Meacher's essay it occurred to me that the "C" in PNAC is not the hard C of cottage or cauliflower -- it stands for "Century" and thus must be prounounced as an "S" rather than as a "K." Thus the proper pronunciation is "P-NAS." As in:

"Compared to most think tanks, the PNAC is not very large, but the powerful thrust of its message has penetrated deep into the Bush administration ..."

Somebody in Mpls Loves Me

Atlantis, right?
I love it when students ask me questions like: "What's the capitol of the Atlantic Ocean?" Atlantis, right?
david hopkins
Come back daniel
my blogging hero is on extended sabbatical:(
disciples or consumers
"Does the gospel I preach have a natural tendency to produce disciples, or only consumers of religious goods and services?"
Dallas Willard via Alan Creech
via boingboing
Genetic poetry -- you prey on unfit poems and allow the fit ones to reproduce, and soon enough, the alogrithm's cranking out poetry good enough to write on a toilet-wall.
Ok, here's the idea: starting with a whole bunch (specifically 1,000) randomly generated groups of words (our "poems"), we are going to subject them to a form of natural selection, killing off the "bad" ones and breeding the "good" ones with each other. If enough generations go by, and if the gene pool is rich enough, we should eventually start to see interesting poems emerge...

spirit sky whatever considered
rude puzzled and
soiled the arrogance
shaked streamside walls do life praying

via boingboing
Universal, the biggest gorilla in the music industry, announced it is cutting prices on CDs in hopes of stemming the slump in sales, and "to battle the explosion in Internet music downloading". By Oct. 1, top-of-the-line CDs from Universal will cost $12.98.

This is a start. Does this mean that discount stores like Target will continue to reduce prices below $12.98, cause you can already buy them on sale for $11.88.
via bloggedyblog
get dressed, get blessed, try to be a success
david hopkins
An inclusive church is one not concerned with institutions, policies and procedures. It is open for all to participate in prayer and teaching (giving of and receiving) regardless of education. Issues should never be standardised, and always worked through on a personal level.
The importance of subverting the church - Jesus made people work things out for themselves. Likewise we should be hiding the gospel. If we believe that the ‘word of God is written on people’s hearts’, our role should simply be to make the explicit, implicit (i.e. take the gospel and demonstrate it rather than preach it). Conversion is the spirit’s job, when we get involved it becomes human manipulation. Likewise preaching conversion can often turn good news into cheap propaganda.
Paul’s letters to the early church were meant to be read by the recipient and worked out by them, not taught in our churches as bible exposition. We spend too much effort turning the written word back into oral tradition and losing its purpose.
The best model of community is the trinity – 3 people can make a spiritual triangle (a space) for people to enter into and experience God through you. Where 2 or 3 are gathered…

Dave Andrews via BARKY's blog

Redemption is the promise that anything sacred, if destroyed, can also be rebuilt.

Where have I seen this before? Darn you David Hopkins for not siting your source.
real live nerd
Yes, it is Toby Radoff of American Splendor fame. It's like the hampster dance, only we use "nerds" instead. (I'm not being mean. He is a self-professing shameless nerd.)
via david hopkins

the drunken apartment
what is the deal with the girls from apt. 4! sunday night people from their party parked behind me and blocked me in at the point in the weekend where i wanted to get out of that hell hole basement apartment most. and now they are taking both chelsey's and my parking spaces. can they not read the newsletter where it is clearly marked who goes where. plus now our entryway always smells like cigarette smoke and alcohol.
i finally watched stigmata this weekend. it was pretty much what i expected, although for a while i thought it seemed more voodooy than catholic. i liked what it had to say about the kingdom not being in mansions, but inside you though.
paulbunyan telephone cooperative
soon we will have a phone! aren't you all excited? now you can call us. this is probably not the best idea but here it is 444-8719. i don't think it will work until after the 13th but you can try:)
i finally got paid from teaching baton twirling! its probably good i didn't get it earlier. i would have spent it.
thoughts on the first day of fall semester
school has begun. i'm enjoying it more than i thought i would. seeing everyone again is good. having 4 classes in a day and only working 1 1/2 hours at uptown is much more fullfiling than 9 at os.

i really wish my books would hurry up and get here.

in all my college career i have only written 2 papers (besides pseo college writing I senior year which i consider still high school.) and now i have about a million due this semester in classes like consumer chemistry and physical science - whats with that?
last night chelsey and i had a shopping spree at target, buying odds and ends for our house (good thing she has a discount). i needed notebooks for today and we are going on diets, so we picked up slimfast and diet coke. so of course last night we over indulged on chips, salsa, and chewy chips ahoy:) we also visited cassie, erin, and stacy's new apartment. it is really nice (and we will be going there to watch tv.)

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