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Om Om Om
Amy's home, Kamran's home, Laura's home (home as in Bemidji). Yoga totally rocked on Wednesday night. Mmmm its been a good week.
We had a alternative worship meeting last Friday. Ahhh it is going to be so cool and wonderful and fulfilling. I'm so excited. Customers at Uptown have been really great, all kinds of fun people are coming in.

Need to work on websites - Work on websites Julie - Do it do it do it....Go Julie go.

That's all for now. Stay tuned for the next dump of emotions/events. You know you love it:) I love you too!
It's been a good day.
This morning was gorgeous and sunny and finally warm! I went to get a pedicure at the cosmetology instuitute. I've never had a pedicure, so it was a new and different experience. Now I have lovely pink toes and slightly less caloused feet.

After my pedicure, I stopped at Uptown for a latte and then headed to the high school. There, a couple people and I registered to vote the seniors and anyone who would be 18 by November. It was really fun! Lots of people needed coaxing, but many didn't at all. It was amazing how many people didn't know a thing about voting -
"Are you registered to vote?"
"Vote for what?"
"I don't want to register."
"You can't vote if you don't."
"I don't want to vote."
Ohmigosh American teens are so lazy.
"My husband's in Irag, but I don't want to vote for either of the candidates."
On the upside, some said they were already registered to vote or had voted already:)

Then, it was back to Uptown to work for a little while. (Oh, I decided after talking with the girls that we could work out me staying at Uptown for the summer, which is a relief.) Mom came in at the end of my shift and I had lunch with her. After work I went with her to buy graduation cards. I also found a really funny father's day card - I hope my dad sees the sarcasim and the sincerity.

I did a little taebo this afternoon and met up with my friends at Applebees for dinner (thanks the to the wonderful gift certificate from Kari:). Kamran had the top down on the Jeep so we took a ride around the lake and then settled in at Jenny's to watch the Hours.

Caleb and Ben called during the movie. I struggled with watching the movie with my friends or leaving to go see Ben and call Caleb back. I chose friends, got Ben's voicemail, and called Caleb back later (I had to tell him all about my week.)
Well, don't have that anymore
Apparently, from the looks of my grades, I have gotten over my fear of failing. I have to admitt that I gave up on Data Structures a long time ago. But, I am happy to say that I don't *have* to repeat Linear Algebra. While failing most tests during the semester I still ended up with a passing grade thanks to studying for 15 hours with the smart physics boys (Andi, Andy and Joe) who were gracious enough to explain just about everything to me.

Such is life. I also get 2 A's by the way. I can see where my heart was. Hello Julie. What does this tell you about the major you are in.
Bob Schneider

God Is My Friend

I can see God on
A cloud in the sky
On top of the world
Watching the world roll by
With a great big grin
And some good cocaine
Jesus by his side
In the pouring rain

Cause I can believe
In the in between
What can't be said
And only seen
When you close your eyes
And open your heart
And everything you know
Just falls apart

I can see God
In Italian shoes
With a beard and a gun
And a case of the blues
Smoking a cigarette
Drinking Coors Light
With teeth so white
They light up the night

I can see god
On a big white bed
Too much time on his hands
Too much stuff in his head
Hanging out doing
Whatever comes round
Hanging out
And getting down

And I can believe
What can't be known for sure
The things that might be
The things that never were
And still not know
A thing in the end
And still believe
That God is my friend
Capn Kirk

I want to be Captain Kirk
Get up every day and love to go to work
Don’t want to be like Mr. Spock
Want to kick out the jams and rock the block

I just want to feel good
I don’t want to hurt no body
I just want to get a good time out of my life

I want to be like Cacious Clay
I want to change my name and go all the way
I want to be like Marylyn Monroe
Be loved by everybody that I know

I want to be like Jesus Christ
Keep the party moving, give the good advice
I don’t need to be no superman
I just want to do the best I can

to blog queue
Laura's shower, riding/bonding with Julie
Amy's home! She is so refreshing/energizing. Ah, I missed my friend. I feel better now.
Chelsey moved out. It is crappy here. On the upshot - the apt is clean and will stay that way:) Maybe the landlord will rent it out June or July and I can move out and stop paying rent at two places.
We have a roommate for the new house. Hmmmm.
Job search. I want to work at Belt. Electric. Lots of competition though. We'll see. Now maybe Leslie will quit and I can have my Uptown job back.
Need to work on websites. Why am I being so non-productive lately? I blame it on not being around people at home. I need to live with more than myself.
music does wonders for getting rid of the "my roommates gone" feeling
Current favorite "dance in the mirror" song: Alicia Key's Harlem's Nocturne. Can't stop shaking my booty to the piano:)
Lyric I can't get out of my head:
I want to be like Jesus Christ
Keep the party moving, give the good advice
I dont need to be no superman
I just want to do the best I can
From Capn Kirk by Bob Schneider

i seem to have no ambition to do the things i need to lately. even things i like such as writing here. soon and very soon people. it will happen. thanks for your patience.
love/hate relationship with angelfire
So now I'm in trouble for stealing bandwidth from myself via "remote loading" of my images from my angelfire webspace. I looked into using a different free space to upload images, but they usually change your images and don't support being linked to. Not to mention you can only upload one at a time. Angelfire lets you do 'transloader' - upload from a url, it lets you upload 10 files at a time and it offers lots of space. I really liked them.

So, then I tried to upgrade to Blogspot plus, but they aparently aren't taking new customers for a while. This is mui frustrating. I'd like to stay with blogger and keep my url. Maybe I could just upgrade my angelfire account. Errrrrrrr. And this is all taking place during finals. Lovely.

UPDATE: Yay fixed!
There they go
Sixpence None the Richer's "There She Goes" is OrthoTriCyclen-Lo's new jingle. This is sure to give the conservative xians more fuel for thier attacts on them for being too secular.

Are they trying to make a statement? If they are, good for them. A women's sexuality is her own, not something that should be dictated by someone else.

I personally think that Sixpence is one of the most spiritual bands I've ever listened too. It is so easy to relate to their songs about love, joy, doubt, sin, failure, faith...They are certainly inspirational.
so it is really annoying that my pics are no longer showing. anyone know of a good free webspace?
Franny is back!
Damn when it rains, it pours
It's Spring and boys are on the prowl...
  • Got hit on by an unwelcomed friend of Melissa's.

  • Cute Cass Lake CS boy is ultra interested in everything I have to say - very nice.

  • Visit at work and links from Around Town...

  • Danced/Talked with boy at 'dance party lavinia'. He called the next day - twice, but lives out of town.

  • Talked yesterday to Chelsey's friend, Henry, on the phone for an hour - when he called for her. We've never actually met. Seems nice, has potential.

  • Heartbreaker called this afternoon.

  • Being hit on by foreign CS boy over msn - not so much cool.

hey - visit me at work, don't be scared when I talk about politics.
Frontline: The Jesus Factor
Will the president please stop using the faith to justify his imperialism and degradation of women and gay's rights. Evil is an abstract idea. You can't rid the world of evil. Separate church and state. Church is sacred. Stop exploiting it.
College Democrats end of year party = Melissa and Julie playing dance dance revolution
next school year:
Need to implement a network of liberal friendly campus groups...

Women's Center
Students for the environment
College Greens
College Dems
Wine and cheese party!
Forestedge Raspberry Rhubarb and Cote du rohne wine. Homemade avocado dip, focaccia bread. Eating, finally getting to use the glassware I bought in the Czech Republic, yatzee, pictionary, good music, talking till the wee hours of the morning with Amy's best friends from the cities. A good night.

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