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Fall 2005
I finally registered for next semester. I have an undesirable schedule. 8 AM FOUR days a week, then nothing until 12 when I go until 3:15 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I like most of my classes though. I'm really looking forward to Urban Politics. And hopefully Applied Stats will return me to my love of Math, after Linear Algebra and Discrete Math drained it from me.
Rain, Republicans, and seafood

Today was a horrible day at work. It rained for most of my 6 hours on the street. And my so-called "water-proof" jacket left me wet and bedraggled. We were in "Republicanland" where even registered Democrats tend to vote Republican (WTF?)

My "political action" bag BROKE. It was the one that I bought for my trip to Boston last year. It was perfect for canvassing and going to political functions, because it could hold a lot (including campaign signs), was red, white and blue (stylishly), could hang on my shoulder without having to hold it (and thus freeing my hands) and was waterproof. It was also purchased on clearance for $2 at Target.

I got some simpathy from residents for petitioning in the rain, but most of the day I wanted to cry from people slamming doors in my face combined with everything else.

Then we found out that some of us will be moving to different groups around the city. This is a bummer, cause I really enjoy the people on my team. A chance to meet new people I guess.

For supper, I brought home seafood curry from Thai Grill down the street. Mmm it was so good. I'm really on a big shrimp and scallops kick lately. The greek restaraunt down the street has awesome seafood stuffed mushroom caps of which I can't get enough!
My favorite picture of Alex

Yesterday we both got a little camera happy, as you can see on both of our blogs. Saturday brought ample time for taking and posting pictures.

Oh, and here is our room:

First day of real work
Canvassing Coney Island - I am a WHITE little girl who has never had any problems. I live in luxury and should have no complaints.

A break dance performance errupted in the subway station when I was leaving Coney Island. About 5 young boys and REALLY BIG speakers. Then an hour back home on the train. Thank goodness I remembered my book this time.

My nose ring was really tarnished, so I toughened up and pulled the SOB out. I thought that I had a couple spare along, but alas, I do not. I wanted a new hoop anyway and went to Macy's in search of a thin, tiny one like the "Jody Coyote" style from back in middle school. But, alas again, they don't sell those anymore. I ended up with the size, but not the thinness I wanted. I'm getting used to it. Alex is too. Here he is at dinner at Taco Madre

Chinatown was our destination today. If only we could find the correct train. After much runaround, following signs that took us nowhere, we got off at the City Hall/Broadway Station. I have no sense of direction, coming out of subway station - I have no idea where to go. We just started walking in the most logical direction, asked a Sherrif looking dude and he said we were going the right way.

In Chinatown it was crazy. People everywhere, an overabundance of everything you've ever wanted and people with accents willing to sell it to you for the price you want to pay. Alex bought a picture of Central Park (still need to see it) that now adorns our dorm. crazy smells. The city never seems to smell good for long. Mostly just spurts of different horrible smells. I just about puked when we passed an open market. I was hungry and the smell of fish, people, and car exhaust sickened me.

We turned down a quieter street and continued our search for lunch. This street was my vision of Chinatown. Less crazy. More chinese shops with cute old people owners. Not just open loads of consumer vomit that we walked by earlier.

Peking Duck

We found Hoy Wong Restaraunt, which seemed to be relatively un-busy, compared to the other restaraunts we had passed. Alex saw his chance to have authentic Peking Duck and so we ordered that and Lo Mein noodles. They brought tea to our table and the coldest Dt. Coke I've had in New York. If you order pop here, you get a can (and a straw - is everyone worried about staining teeth?) for $1.50. Not like the 20oz-free-refills-$1.39 in MN restaraunts. The duck was a little rich, and for me, a little scary. I didn't mention that I was scared of our food and made an effort to try it. It wasn't the worst thing I've ever eaten. I probably would have liked it better if it was cut off the bone instead of bones and all cut into chunks. The Low Mein was excellent, as was the service.

We continued our journey down the Chinatown Street and wandered into a china shop full to tea pots and bowls painted blue and white. I picked out some gifts and now Alex says that I'll have to send some things home. We'll see.

We walked over the Brooklyn Bridge on the way home instead of taking the train and we passed a wedding party! The bride, groom, priest, attendants, live music and guests all walking over to Manhattan from Brooklyn. So cute! I wish I would have had the courage to take a picture, it was quite a scene.
Getting Paid!
I forgot to mention yesterday that I saw Matt Pinfield walking down the street. Hes not anyone big just an MTV vj, but it was cool anyway.

Today, I had my training for my job with Miller for Mayor. We had a lot of instruction of how to fill out our forms, what not to do, what to do, etc. Then, a practice of reciting our script and a sample of knocking on doors and actually getting signatures. My partner, Lindsay and I did all of the people on our walk sheets, but only got 8 signatures. When we got back we found that this was one of the highest of any of the other groups!

I found it a little annoying that the people that were training with me seemed to waste time, not be helpful, only worried about getting paid and not really focused on the job. Completely different from the group with which I went to Boston and canvassed. But, I kinda think those College Dems were a fluke and what I'm experiencing now is the norm.

On a sidenote, one of the women in my training group is a former Rockette! Is that cool or what?

Time to go make Latin flashcards now - Salutis!
Day to day humdrum
Alex has been rather Missing-In-Action on his blog, so I'll let you know a little of what he has been doing.

Every morning he gets up before me (this is huge and a first) and goes to class for six hours in Midtown Manhattan. He has a major test every Monday and a quiz everyday. He gets home around 4:30 and sometimes I help him with some homework before we go to dinner. We get to chill for a little bit and then it is back to the grindstone for the rest of the night.

For Julie this means I get to be quiet all night and no singing:( Oh well, that is what headphones are for and I brought a bunch of books that I am having lots of opportunity to read.

I feel like such a bum, cause I don't get up till 10 or 11 and loaf around until I feel like exploring. But, I guess I should enjoy it while I can. I am helpful with making flash cards and things like that. I try not to distract from studying cause this Latin Institute is on hyperspeed!
It is simultaniously wonderful, scary and exhilerating to be here.
Its a bit like being in a different country. Everyone I walk past seems to be speaking a foreign language or is speaking English with an accent. We've had Greek, Indian, Italian, American, Chinese and Mediteranean, food in the last 5 days (in addition Alex has had Thai and Hawaiian). One difference from other countries that I'm thankful for is, the waiters bring tap water to your table.

At dinner tonight I got a call letting me know that I got the job. And when we got home there was a message about a different job. I think I'll just take the one I have. That way no more interviews, I could work for a month and have the last month I'm here off. Still, I think I'll call the other people and see if the hours are better than 3-9pm every night.

Whenever I leave our building, I am constantly on edge about where my purse is. Making sure it is tucked tightly under my arm where no one can reach into the back of it and steal anything. Not only that, but I'm also paranoid about looking like a tourist (I don't want to be more of a target). I do my best to know exactly where I'm going, as if I walk that route everyday. I won't look at my map on the street. If I need to figure out where to go, I duck into a cafe or store. Sometimes I'll look at it while I'm sitting on the subway, if it's not crowded. But, feeling this way makes for high stress walks.

Today, I went into Manhattan without Alex, in search of the Garment District. I made a couple wrong turns and pretty much made a really big circle around where I wanted to go, just missing it everytime.

Nevertheless, I stumbled upon a few things that made my journey worth it. I found 5th Avenue (as in Saks). I walked past the "Avenue of the Americas" twice. I found J.Crew! I walked past Radio City Muisc Hall, NBC Studios: Rainbow Room and Rockefeller Center. They're on side streets - weird.

I was whistled at twice today. That's a new experience. I helped a guy on subway get to where he was going. He said "You must not be a New Yorker, they never smile when I talk to them on the train."

Julie G: Remember how 'in' pink dress shirts were in England two years ago? They are everywhere in New York now. There was even a pink tshirt yesterday that said "Quit laughing, this is your girlfriend's shirt."

In the end I came home sans garments, but with lots of wonderful images in my head.
Miller for Mayor
I just got back from an interview to be a canvasser for Gifford Miller for Mayor. $15/hour, 6 hours/day, 6 days/week and a metro pass ($76 value). Not bad to be able to work for a progressive campaign. We'll See if I get it, there may be some problems with me not being a New York resident.
Hot town summer in the city
Hot town summer in the city, Back of my neck getting dirt and gritty, Been down, isn't it a pity, Doesn't seem to be a shadow in the city, All around people looking half dead, Walking on the sidewalk hotter than a match head, But at night it's a different world, Go out and find a girl, Come on, come on and dance all night, Despite the heat it will be alright, And babe, don't you know it's a pity, The days can't be like the night, In the summer in the city. Cool town, evening in the city, Dressed so fine and looking so pretty, Cool cat lookin for a kitty, Gonna look in every corner of the city, Till I'm weezin like a bus stop, Running up the stairs gonna meet ya on the roof top.

It's so freakin' hot here. But it is definitely better than rainy and cold in Minnesota. Hopefully, summer will come there soon.
Sun Country Flight 245 service to JFK
I arrived on Saturday, and hauled all my stuff into Brooklyn - about an hour subway ride from the JFK airport. Which by the way pales in comparison to MSP.

We're on the 12th floor (top) of the renovated St. George Hotel. It is a dorm for students and interns living in New York. They have lots of free events planned which is cool. Our neighborhood is awesome. Lots of old redbrick houses with stoops. People dress their windows! There are also lots of little restaruants, stores, markets, and coffeeshops. We are lucky to be in such a nice area.

We made a trip to Franklin Mall and saw a little more "authentic" view of Brooklyn:)

There is a Target down the street too!

I thought I was chic and with it fashion wise, but ah no. I feel a little dumpy in my clothes. A trip to the garmet district should cure that:)

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