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Bienvenidos a Punta Tombo
I almost forgot to blog about Laura's awesome show in the Touche Gallery at BSU. Gorgeous semi-realist renditions of penguins in Argentina.

Her paintings will be up until the end of the week, but if you missed it, I have photos. Also, they're for sale!
Bemidji Day at the Capitol
I was up bright and early Tuesday morning to go and Lobby the MN state legislature for Bemidji's bonding bill projects (trails, events center, and BSU/NTC) among others. We made a big splash with our "stylish" red and black sweaters and the day had a good, grip and grin positive feel, which I think will help our cause. We talked with tons of legislators and had lots of good feedback from them about our issues.

I haven't talked at all about the Beltrami County DFL convention which happened on March 19th. I'm sure you're thinking: So? Sounds boring. Yes, to most it is, but I was elected the Associate Chair of the County DFL and a Delegate to the State Convention! Which means I get to vote on who are the DFL endorsed candidates for statewide office. Most notably governor, but SoS, State Auditor and Attorney General as well!

Attorney General Mike Hatch, whom I'm endorsing for Governor

Nolan and Nicole

Just a few of the "decorations"
The only fun picture I took this weekend
It was a lot of politics and partying in addition to family this weekend. This was the lone "fun" picture I took. And of course it is my favorite pose with a couple girls with whom I love to dance.

Lunch in the sticks
It was Dumpling Sunday at Grandma Albrecht's yesterday. We had awesome food and lots of the family was there. My cousins are popping out babies faster than I can keep track. There are so many new names to learn. AND they keep stealing my baby names! I got to hold my cousins 3-week old baby and that satisfied my baby fix for a while. As well as seeing some of my other cousin's kids made me NOT want to have kids for a very long time.

This is one of the first times I went up there and didn't feel like a failure because I didn't bring my boyfriend and I'm not married.

I graduated. With a computer science degree. I have a job. Although, most of them still assume I live with my parents. That's fine.

The only bad part is I can't sit back and let them talk deragatively about other people. They say they aren't prejudice, but they still use the words that create a culture of intolerance and "us and them". So, I'm forced to make an issue out of it. And then everything is tense and icky. Why can't they just be decent.
Long Weekend
I took off a couple days during BSU's spring break and went to the WCHA Final Five hockey tournament and never posted anything about it.

We had great seats in the Club level of the Excel Energy Center

For two nights we had a great room with a huge bed and really nice amenities

And then one night we had to stay in a very dirty, very scary place

Although, this picture doesn't convey the nastyness.
I got to eat at Mickey's Diner, where I've never been.

The weather was great everyday, sun and blue sky. We walked past this church (St. Joseph's?) to get to the Excel every day

And we went out every night.

And part of the proof that I know he's working towards being a better man.
There is something really wrong with gmail today and yesterday and it is seriously hindering my political productivity.

I have a feeling they are upgrading/adding servers and so that means little to no access to my email.

This is bad.
I hadn't looked at my 43things in a while and it turns out that I've accomplished a whole bunch of stuff I wanted to do since the last time I logged on!

Things I wanted to do that happened:
Take more pictures - I got a digital for xmas and have been going strong ever since.
get paid to do webdesign - thank you CRI
pay off my credit cards - thank you CRI
graduate from college - thank you BSU

And it seems that they've hooked up with flickr and added my photostream to my 43things aswell. Cool.
Tracking down taxes in New York
My dad says I have to include my New York income in my taxes for which I have no record. No W2, no 1099, no pay stub, no record of deposit. I got hand written checks that I cashed and never left a forwarding address for my 1099 to be sent to me. Now I'm in a mess.

I've called the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance office. I asked for them to send me a 1099g or just tell me the amount on it, but I guess I called the wrong place cause they directed me to write a letter to: NYS Tax Dept. PIT Refund Issuing. I tried to look up the phone number for this office but, couldn't find it. I also tried to look up the number for the Gifford Miller campaign treasurer, but there is no contact information on their site. And I tried to call my old boss, but his number has been disconnected.

I found out who the treasurer was: Marshall Miller and now I am googling him to try and find any number I can call to get the info I need. I called one place I thought might be him, but he is not related to Gifford Miller.

Would it be easier/better to just estimate my income?

Estimated income:
90 per day * 7 days/week * 4 weeks = $2520
25% of 2520 = $630 to pay in tax
Precinct Caucus was last night.
The crappy weather stunted attendence. The results were extremely close for the Senate District 4 race. Time to go into overdrive.
Green Cheese
I cut my bangs. Every five minutes I change my mind as to whether I like them or not. They are going to take some getting used to.

It was beauty shop and Green Cheese at Amber's on Saturday. Amber and I both got hair cuts from the lovely Angi. We all feasted on the traditional Taylor's home-made hot wings and called in to everyone's favorite radio trivia show "Green Cheese" on KAXE. By the second time we had called in the dj new us by Jade's voice and eventually asked us "How many people are there?" "10." "Well thanks to you and all your 9 friends over their in Guthrie."

Noah took a joyride with my camera once again and got some fun shots:

Breathing a sigh of relief...
It doesn't feel like Friday. It feels like Monday all over again. It was a late night last night because Angi turned 30!

I threw her a surprise party - a mix of "college make do" and "sex and the city chic". (Does that make sense?) Random table cloths, candles, xmas lights and fake flowers as well as Tutto Bene hors d'oeuvres and cocktails in martini glasses. And of course my favorite Strawberry Passion Cake from Coldstone. It was so much fun planning, I may have missed my calling as an event coordinator. I even enjoyed the cleanning/set up the night before.

Noah's Self Portrait

Noah hijacked the camera for a while in the middle of the party. This is one of Noah's better shots.

Then the party moved to Hard Times as we danced the night away.

I'm sure my roommates will be glad when I come home tonight and do all the dishes that resulted and give them back their space in the kitchen.

That was the last in the week's "To Do:" list. Preceeded by, helping to plan Ash Wednesday's evening service, updating Mary's site and getting Frank Moe's new site up.

Ash Wednesday happened to fall on a night that was scheduled for EPIC Journey so the pastor said lets make it a blended alt/traditional service. Basically, he gave Kari and I control of the nights events which totally rocked. We sat in pews, but got up in the middle for a party atmosphere of active worship. We sang traditional hymns but jammed to Dave Matthews while symbolically feeding our root and journeying with Jesus in the desert.

Kari and I breathed a sigh of relief when the elders of the congregation didn't rebel and walk out - they even liked it. I hope that people may have seen lent/ash wednesday/jesus/god in a new light.

Now on to this weekend and next Tuesday's caucus night. Focus. Breathe.
Are you serious?
I can't believe they are going to make abortion illegal in South Dakota. Hello, Women (young, old, married, not) you need to stop being apathetic and start paying attetion and voting, because your voice/choice/rights/freedom is being taken away.

This will not make abortion go away. It will still happen, except it will be unsafe and more women will die. Why don't we focus on preventing abortion. Giving women every opportunity to have that baby and support it.

Make adoption law better. Hand out birth control.

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