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Congressman Tim Walz just came in to meet with Vickerman.

Yesterday, Al Franken called to talk to Bakk.
Maybe we're finally all adults
This weekend I went home to give my hosts a break from me and to load up my car with more stuff for my apartment. My brother also happened to home fixing his semi-truck.

We all sat at the dinner table and talked nicely and when we were finished eating, everyone didn't bolt from the table. We hung out and chatted. It was great. In some ways I was reassured that my brother isn't being brainwashed by backwoods mentality, but he still didn't vote in the last election. Thank goodness he grew up in Bemidji and can see past the Mizpah city limits.

He also works his ass off, for not enough pay as a wood hauler. He gets up at 2:00 AM and gets home at 7:00 PM. And he doesn't get paid hourly. I told him he needs to organize. But, on the other hand at least he has work, the logging business isn't doing well right now.
Life since then.
We totally scored an apartment. Thanks very much to Julia. It's off of Snelling on Portland Ave. in St. Paul. It has a huge living room with hard wood floors and a fireplace, a dining room with a large table, built-in china cabinets, a kitchen with a dishwasher, hallways with built in shelves and closet space, a basement with a washer and dryer, 2 bathrooms (only one shower, but 2 tubs), technically 4 bedrooms (one of which will become the morning vanity - with 3 girls getting ready for work at the same time) and 2 off street parking spots.

We share an alley with Summit and are a few blocks off of Grand.

I will again be living with multiple J's - Jessica, Julia and Julie. It will be glorious. I officially move in on Saturday, when my parents bring my bed and most of my boxes and tables. I got rid of all the rest of my furniture, but Sen. Bakk moved the couch out of his office and into storage and said I could have it. Now, I just have to figure out how to get it from the Capitol to my apartment.

And we all work at the Capitol. It's like my fantasy life is coming true.

Pictures later.
It's the weekend. I have weekends off. You don't know how happy this makes me.
I'm a TV addict. I get home from work and all I want to do is sit on the couch and let my brain relax. Not think about anything. Not do anything.

It has been a whirlwind few days at work. I'm still getting used to how things work here and meeting more and more people everyday whom I don't remember for more than about 60 seconds. Everyone wants a tax rebate. Ack. And everyone wants to talk to Sen. Bakk. We have our first tax committee meeting on Wednesday which I am freaked out about cause I play a fairly large role in making sure that it is executed successfully.

I don't leave my desk for my sanctioned 1/2 hour lunch because I'm to busy. And too nervous that the Senator will come back from a meeting and I'll miss asking him the million questions that piled up while he was gone.

My mom called today and we talked forever about everything. Something we didn't do much when I was in Bemidji, cause we'd go to lunch or I'd just go to her house. Weird.

What's more weird is convincing myself that St. Paul is my city now. WCCO is my LOCAL news. Not the news from the cities that sometimes talks about the area north of St. Cloud.

I'm looking for a gym and church near the Capitol to join. And a new apartment. Jess applied for a job in the House. I hope she gets it. It'd be fun to carpool. And then she could move out of her parent's house and in with me. Also, Julia from Brita Sailer's campaign who also works in the House, is looking to move. I'm starting to consider footing the bill for an apartment starting Feb. 1 or sooner and holding it for Jessica, so I can stop mooching off of Joe.

I picked a doctor clinic, dental clinic and where to invest my retirement on Friday. That's pretty weird too. Does this mean I'm an adult now?

When are you an adult? Is it when you feel like one? When you have a *real* job? When you reach a certain age? When you get married? When you have kids?

I marvel everyday in the fact that I work at a place that has marble columns and murals on the walls. In middle school, I used to say that I wanted to work in an office where I could where heels everyday. Guess I've made it. I went shopping on my birthday cause, there were lots of after Christmas sales and I had a new excuse to buy work clothes. Jessica called yesterday at work and her first question was: What are you wearing? I need her help in the morning deciding what I'm going to wear:)

BTW: I can't believe Carrie Ruud got appointed to be on a judiciary selection committee. Ugh.

I was tied for 2nd in MFL, but I have fallen to 5 out of 20 and missed the deadline for trading players. Oh, well, we'll see what happens next week and for sure I am trading Morrie Lanning. BTW, I'm super pissed that the two senators in my office suite (Bakk 5 & Vickerman 4) are not on my team. Arg.

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