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T. Pawl vetoed the Tax Bill
He's lame.
I'm back at work a day early, cause I was just so efficient moving my crap yesterday. Julia took the day off today and she can handle my last couple side tables. I'll be back after work to help clean the old apartment.

My entire body aches from hauling boxes in and out of houses, but the worst is over and now comes the fun part of unpacking boxes and putting every thing in it's new place. It's like Christmas:) Although, trying to remember where I packed something is getting old.

Our new house is much smaller (pictures soon), but still nice high ceilings and very cute. I'm excited to plant in the flower boxes on our porch and weed the hostas in our front yard. I also want to install a hook for a hanging basket.

Unfortunately, the walls need to be painted. That should be an adventure.
Last 3 days of Session
It's 9:00 AM on a Saturday and I'm at work. And I have no idea what time I'll be able to go home. But, I can't complain too much - The Breakfast Club is on USA.

I've been watching the Smallest Coolest Apartment contest with Apartment Therapy and scouring the entries for ideas to apply to my new apartment.

I did a little packing last weekend (cause we actually had it off!). Mostly, I just boxed up books and all the pictures that were hanging on my wall. And now my room is utterly depressing with it's cream paint and nails everywhere. Do you think it is better to leave the nails in the walls or to leave holes in the walls? Guess, I'll have to bite the bullet and buy spackel and patch the walls. I really need/want to buy a cordless drill too. And some pots to plant in, so might was well get spackel too. That is, if I ever have time to get to Home Depot. I don't really know where the closest one is for that matter.

Right now it's kinda like I live alone. Julia and my schedules are opposite, one of us is always staying late and Jessica is in Big Lake. Which sucks.
Bits and bites
Constituent work at the Capitol has come to a grinding halt. All of our printers are jammed. They won't print on letterhead, it is too humid in the Capitol. Now what are we going to do while we wait for conference committee to convene? It doesn't look like we'll be able to print until Fall. Darn.

I brought homemade chocolate chip cookies in for the second week in a row. (Mmm, real butter). I don't think my parents or Julie G.:) would believe what a susiehomemaker I've become since moving into our inspiringly gorgeous kitchen.

We had communion at church this week and it was great/depressing as always. Great in that Peter, the pastor, sang the setting responsively and imperfectly. Great that he didn't read from a book, just extemporaneously told the story. It felt so nice to be engaged in the sacrament and not following along in a hymnal. The accompanying music was Ave Maria on cello and piano which was just wonderful. Then a family got up and played "Every Time I Feel the Spirit" with mom on piano, dad on guitar, 7-year old on drums and (looks like) 6-year old on vocals. They were surprisingly good and it was the cutest thing I've seen in a while.

There were no parking spaces at the coffee shop, so I opted to go to coffee hour at church instead. Which is a little intimidating because I go to church alone and I still don't really know anyone by name. I ventured downstairs to lots of small children running around and a lot of young couples chatting. I drank my coffee and watched kids play for a little while until a young dad holding a baby introduced himself to me and we started talking about the church website and blog (what else?).

During announcements they talked about the church directory that they are putting together (with a volunteer really cool photographer and not someone lame like OlanMills). I really want to be included in that, but feel like it's meant for families and that I would seem like an odd addition. Pretty much every time I go to church it makes me want to get married and have babies. Not because of what is being said, but from the overabundance of young families in the pews.

I've been planning to talk to Peter about joining and just church stuff in general, but I'm waiting until the Session is over. Which seems to be a theme for a lot of things that I'm planning to do. Even down to piddely things like picking up my dry cleaning need to wait until the end of Session.

This is because of late night tax conference committee every night. We've done 2 nights of working until 12:30AM and I hope it doesn't continue all week long. I haven't been to the gym since Wednesday (I give myself gym holiday's on the weekends) and haven't been there before 6 in two weeks. I'm starting to think I should go on my lunch "hour".

After a couple hellish days when we thought we were going to have to pay rent twice in June, we've ironed out all of our moving-out issues. Unfortunately, I think it is going to stop me from being a page at Annual Conference. Which I am really bummed about. I haven't figured out a way to be able to only attend part of the conference and still get all of my packing done.

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