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Blue Ribbons!
1st place:

Chinatown, New York City 2005
1st place:

Drinks with Jessica
1st place:

Embroidered Pillowcases
1st place:
Embroidered Fashion Accessory (sorry no photo of my handkerchief that I entered)
3rd place:

Angi and Mary

I wasn't actually up North this weekend, so I don't have any photos of the competition or the ribbons. But Mom assured me she took lots of pictures. I win like $2 per ribbon, nonetheless I'm really happy.

I didn't tell anyone else in Bemidji that I was entering things in the fair. So, when Angi and the rest of the Green Cheese crew saw my entries they were so excited they called me up and told me how proud they were (and surprised to see themselves looking back from the entries). That's probably the best part. That and telling Jessica that she's my blue-ribbon model.
I know what your dog does when you leave it home alone.
The neighbor upstairs has a dog and whenever she leaves it cries and barks until she returns. On Tuesday night it barked for 4 hours straight. Luckily, she came home before I went to bed so I didn't have to keep the air conditioner on constantly to drown out the dog. That poor puppy needs a friend to keep it company.
This blog turns 4 today
It's been four years since I started posting my thoughts for you all to see. The person I was back then seems like a million miles a way. I was half way through college, had just returned from Europe, dating Ben, working at Online Services and had never attended any political meeting.
Something I learned at church today:
28.5% of every tax dollar goes to the military. Compared to only 4% on education. And a mere 1.7% going to veteran's services.

Just think of the tax breaks we could give if we divested in military might.

On another note, a couple of hot soldiers, Mike Lamon and Brian Ness are coming home from Iraq this month!

And I made cookies on Thursday night. Mmmm.

Yesterday, I readied my fair entries. I washed, dried and ironed my pillowcases to perfection. I can only enter one set, so I chose the purple "his and hers". I also entered a handkerchief that I embroidered last minute on Friday night. For photos these are what I chose:

color - grouping, "The Engaged Couple"

color - people, "Angi and Mary"

color - still life, "Drinks with Jessica"

color - cityscape, Chinatown, New York City, 2005

I also spent some time yesterday breaking into my house for the second time since I moved in. Oy.
Jake you were so right about Loretta Lynn
   Totally loving the new Loretta Lynn CD, Van Lear Rose, which was produced by Jack White.

Also, I'm enjoying Julie Roberts - Men and Mascara, which was a suggestion from a coworker.

Not to mention the cheap iTunes download (6.99 for the whole album), Sara Bareilles - Litte Voice. Her "Love Song" was free on iTunes last week and I highly recommend it.
What pictures should I enter into the County Fair?
I put together a set of all of the photos I'm thinking about entering into the Beltrami County Fair. Any suggestions? The only downside is that they have to be matted as well as framed.

The different categories I could enter are:
Lot 1 Color, Animals
Lot 2 Color, People
Lot 3 Color, Landscape
Lot 4 Color, Cityscape
Lot 5 Color, Nature
Lot 6 Color, Florals
Lot 7 Color, Still Life
Lot 8 Color, Grouping
Lot 9 Color, Digitally Enhanced
Lot 21 Black and White, Animals
Lot 22 Black and White, People
Lot 23 Black and White, Landscape
Lot 24 Black and white, Cityscape
Lot 25 Black and white, Nature
Lot 26 Black and White, Florals
Lot 27 Black and White, Still Life
Lot 28 Black & White, Grouping
Lot 29 Black & White, Digitally Enhanced
Lot 99 Not Specified
Painting in Randolph Heights
I put together some "mood boards" for the rooms we're going to paint to show Julia what I'm thinking and to put my thoughts down on paper. And it's totally fun. Check it out:
Living Room:

Dining Room:



Alley Garden Award
Somehow this sign ended up in the flowers (weeds) by the alley in our back yard. I feel like this must be a mistake. I mean look at it.

Or the whole alley won due to lovely garden's like my neighbors and we are just riding the coattails.

We do have some pretty grapevine and my impatients are coming along nicely though.

Jess and Julie go to a free Twins game
So not only did I venture to the Metrodome on Thursday but on Friday too. This time for free (thanks to Rob) and with Jess and Anna. Here's the proof:

Senate Staff Twins Game
The softball team had a bye this week so, we all went to the Twins game.

We stopped at Matty B's for Happy Hour first.

We were waaaay far away in the cheap seats, but the Twins won 6-2. When we left we had a car full of St. Paul residents trying to leave Minneapolis - not a good combination. 94 was eluding us. Why does it seem so easy to get around in St. Paul and so illogical in Minneapolis? Guess we just all need to spend more time there.

Friday at work was pretty slow. I was the only one in the office, so I pulled a chair over to the open window and enjoyed the sun until Rachel Ray came on TV.

Angi and Jimmy Got Married
Last minute they moved up their date from September to last Saturday. Angi and Jim butchered 25 chickens two days before the wedding in the exact spot where the ceremony took place. Yikes! I made the cake, put flowers on the table, hung baskets of flowers, wrote the ceremony and had my dress overnighted from St. Paul. Phew. Lots of other people chipped in to make sure we had a tent, tables and chairs, enough food and booze.

We spent the beautiful day dripping in sweat - can you tell?

Here is the wedding party plus a few others. I got 2 best men. Oh yea.

The ceremony.
Not bad for a first try. It tasted yummy.

Scott's daughter Mary provided a great deal of entertainment for all.

Mmmm. Cake and beer.

Jim and Angi's brother Andy.

Angi's kids Jade and Noah all gussied-up

Angi and her Mom, Sue have a laugh.

The night ended with fireworks. Perfect.
(More pictures on my Flickr.)
Whirlwind tour of Bji
Ten days away felt like a month! Thursday night I picked up Julie G. (with her new Bronx accent) from the airport. We had dinner with Shannon Anderson and talked about boys, politics and education policy. I left her asleep on my couch and headed for work the next morning.

Friday when I got into town the carnival was going so Amber, Taylor and I went down to the waterfront to see who was downtown and to play bingo. I actually won $20 after the lady next to pointed out my bingo. I gave her some of my winnings and bought the next round for Amber and Taylor. It paid for our fair food for the rest of the night.

Saturday, I went to my neighbor's graduation party and talked to the City Clerk from Northome. She had nothing but praise to say about Saxhaug's LA, who was helping her get their money from DEED for the new City Hall.

That night I got together with Kate, who I hadn't talked to since I moved a way and Jake who was on leave from Peace Corps in Guatemala. We were partying like it was Junior year again complete with drinking games, bar hoping and karoke.

Sunday I sat back and watched the parade go by. For the first time in about 20 years I didn't walk in it. The band was awesome and the DFL made a good showing. That was also the day Angi called and told me she wanted to move the date of her wedding up from September to the following Saturday. Ack!

Monday the love of my life, Jessica, came up and we worshipped the sun, with breaks for bar runs, for two days. Tuesday night we pretended we were coming from a fabulous event for an excuse to wear pretty dresses to the bar.

My parents and I took Grandpa up to spend the 4th of July in Big Falls, my mom's hometown. Grandpa had the best time talking to all his old students and friends. My cousins were up with their fiances. Everyone up there knows Sen. Bakk. Pretty much the first time I haven't had to explain who I work for. I love the chainsaw competition and the kiddie races and drinking beer at 1:00pm in the Muni Liquor store with my relatives. And Sen. Saxhaug was in the parade! But the kids running around with toy machine guns playing war was a little disturbing.

Thursday I helped my mom clean Grandpa's house and later we brought him to Frank Moe's fundraiser with Al Franken. It was so much fun to talk to all the Dems up there. Later, I went out to Angi's to talk about the wedding and write the ceremony.

Friday I got my car fixed, met Angi for coffee, went with her to talk to the officiant, pick up her marriage license and print flyers to had out at work. Then I went home and baked the wedding cake and helped my mom haul stuff out for her rummage sale. Finally, I took Angi out for an impromptu Bachelorette Party.

Saturday, I got up early and helped with the rummage sale before picking up last minute wedding needs and hauling hanging baskets to Angi's house to get ready for the ceremony and party.

Sunday, I was pooped and stuck in traffic for most of the afternoon.

Now, back to work.

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