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Aw, shucks

Sen. John Edwards at the St. Paul Rally last night

So, *tear*, my candidate dropped out of the race. And the day after his rally in St. Paul, where there was no mention of this. I am so surprised that he did this before Super Tuesday. I mean, it's one more week. Couldn't he wait until I caucused for him. So, now I don't know who I'm going to caucus for. Hmm.

P.S. next time I go to something like this, I'm totally using my contacts to get a better spot.

Majority Leader, Tony Sertich, introduced Edwards.


On a separate note, on days when I give blood (like today), I'm always bummed that I can't go run later. But, I googled it today and you give away 650 calories with every pint of blood. Whoot!


And I think I'm just going to go to Ikea and buy new wall sconces for my room. $15 is way cheaper and easier than the $79 ones I wanted at Target that never go on sale and are now out of stock.
Ballroom Dance Classe

Round and Round, originally uploaded by fear.no.art.

We started our dance lessons last night. It was us and about forty other couples learning the meringue. The beginning was a little rough (read: boring) and they make you switch partners all the time (read: weird). But eventually we started having fun and Anthony was really good (much to his surprise). I knew all along that he'd be great of course.

Met his parents this weekend

They are great folks. They were celebrating their Dad's birthday so the sisters were there too. Here we are visiting the land where they are building their new green, sustainable, cord wood round home.

They are using the wood from the land that they cleared for the house to build it. The forest on their land with be enough to heat their home as well. All they need is a windmill and they'll practically be off the grid.


n714758045_269367_2284, originally uploaded by juliemaealbrecht.

My brother posted this on facebook with the caption "It's like a kid watching Saturday morning cartoons." And I thought it was way funny cause he's standing in front of the microwave in my parent's house.

By the way, being facebook friends with your family is like WAY too much information about them. Jeez.

This is how we spend Saturday night
Saturday we braved the below zero temperatures and went out to Big V's on University in St. Paul. It was a fun little dive bar where Night in a Box was playing. They recently won like best band of the Twin Cities. They were pretty cool. But I kinda liked the punk/country/rockabilly band before them better. Mostly, because they did a cover of Dolly Parton's Jolene.

The girl singer was a little lacking, but when the lead guitarist sang it was great. And I don't remember their name.

Melissa, me and Anthony's Uncle Robert enjoying the show.
This is how we spend Friday night

Below Zero 023, originally uploaded by juliemaealbrecht.

He agreed to go to an ecumenical (he thought I made that word up) prayer service at St. Paul's Cathedral on Friday night. It was the beginning of church unity week or something. But mostly, I just wanted an excuse to go to the cathedral.

I must say it was WAAAAAY dry and disappointing. All of the religious leaders looked defeated and tired. This is why no one goes to church people.

In the middle a crazy lady with a huge raccoon hat came in and sat down. She then popped open a can of coke and poured it in a coffee mug. When the speaker started talking about the Son. As in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, the crazy lady went off the deep end and promptly got up and stormed out while muttering expletives about her son and St. Helena. Then she tipped over a candelabra on her way out. No one really knew what to do, so we didn't do anything.


Here we're at Kopplin's getting a little coffee to warm us up and use the internet. He's looking up movie times for "27 Dresses" and calling me a dork for taking so many pictures of him.

I never see anyone I know here, but when we walked in Brittany and Laura from work were enjoying the "Best Coffee in Town"!
Girlies, Guns and Roses
So, he came home and I had two days off from work and I've neglected my blog. But I haven't neglected to take pictures!

I finally finished his Christmas present of embroidered pillowcases. This wouldn't have been an issue, except that I did them on navy blue and that was like the most difficult color to see a pattern on ever. It is a reincarnation of the pink ones I made myself this Fall. I am fairly proud of my roses, I drew them free hand and everything. The other pillowcase has the cowgirl with another little saying that we'll just keep to ourselves.

I wrapped it up in a hot pink bow. Jessica inspired me with her basket of ribbon that she always has on hand for a gift or a belt and now I almost always use fabric ribbon to wrap my gifts.
I just met Governor Al Quie!
Not sure if I like the new banner. Seems a little dark and not nearly as fun as the last one. And some people may veto a few of the pics. I may modify, bear with me.
Kisses & ribbon

Phase one of Valentines finished. They're ready to be embroidered and addressed.

(Note the pretty embroidered table cloth that I picked up a couple months ago. I want to make a whole bunch just like this.)

Nearly free soup supper.

Mom's recipe.
Potatoes and corn from Dad's garden.
Bacon from Anthony when he made me breakfast one morning.
Minced onion (I know it's not as good as fresh, but it goes bad before I can use it) from the spice rack my brother gave me for Christmas two years ago.
In a bowl hand thrown & glazed by Taylor.
Bartles & James Strawberry Margarita Wine Cooler from Sue this Christmas (does it say something about me when I receive alcohol for a gift? Hmm.)

And it tastes almost as good as Mom's.

Pine River Dance Competition

This isn't Pine River, it's Pequot Lakes. But the light was red, so I had a chance to snap their cute water tower. Probably the only thing I like about driving on Hwy 371 is seeing this on the way through town.

But this is how far Up North we were: someone actually rode their snowmobile to watch the competition.
He went to Mexico today.

I'm left in the snow to catch up on my house cleaning, embroidery and maybe a new blog banner.

Here we are in the photo booth on New Year's Eve. Right before we spilled our drink. I scanned it with the copier, not the best quality, but it will suffice.
I love how MinnesotaBrown describes the governor's higher office aspirations
Pawlenty really doesn't want to be a wallflower in '08

T-Paw is really hoping for someone to ask him to the prom. He's got the dress. He's got the body glitter. He's ready. Future Republican nominee, just ask him. Get him out of our state for just a while because I'm betting he'll act like a total bitch if he doesn't get asked. We've got a transportation bill to pass. Thanks!
To buy: Doilies
I must say that I love Valentine's Day almost as much as 4th of July, and perhaps more than Christmas. I always say it's because red and pink don't clash on that day, but there is just something so pretty about this holiday. A flash of hot pink in the cold winter.

I'm not someone who needs a big hoopla for it either. I'm perfectly content with kisses and beer.

What I do like, is to send Valentine's in the mail and while I like to make my own, I can't get enough of all the good ones on Etsy:

Doily Cards from beauideal

Queen of Hearts from Ice Cream Social

Do Me card from The Crafty Devils

Hey I Love You card from Made by Girl

Did it
Saw Juno. Saw it at the Heights Theater. Laughed, cried, appreciate my boyfriend even more.

Trek to Wisconsin
Saturday, my car's starter died. This sucked to the tune of over $400. But, lucky for me, I have someone who never fails to save the day. Anthony bought a tow rope, towed my car to the Highland Park BP and even turned around half-way to Wisconsin to drop-off a forgotten key. Have I mentioned I'm lucky? Or how hot he looks in a hoodie and a carhart jacket?

After the car thing was resovled. We were finally able to drive over to his cousin's cabin in Turtle Lake, WI for the night. Anthony was actually moving some furniture there for them.

We met Nicole and Melissa there and promptly went to the County Line Bar for beer in a can and some good bar food.

Back at the cabin Anthony debuted his new song (that he wrote about me in half an hour after we came home from spending a weekend in Bemidji.)

We spent the rest of the night playing Cranium - Anthony and I dominated.
Top of the IDS building
Anthony invited me to his work Christmas party on Friday night. It was held at Windows on Minnesota which is the top of the IDS building in downtown Minneapolis.

The views were great, the wine was complimentary, the food was good and the company was wonderful. We had a great time.

Oh and I forgot to talk about election results
The Senate DFL won a special election last night by thirteen points in Northfield that no one thought we would win. That's huge for a district that, until November was represented by a Republican. Congratulations are in order for Senator-elect Dahle and his awesome field organizer Dan Solomon. I must say I was a major slacker and did not do any phone calling or doorknocking for this, shame on me.

Also, Obama surprised me and won the Iowa Democratic caucus last night (congratulations to Nate and Justin). Leading (my choice) Edwards by six points and Clinton by seven. The race is still tight and lets hope it stays interesting at least until February 5th (Super Tuesday) when the big show comes to Minnesota.

Huckabee won the Republican caucus last night. Which, I hope means that Romney is close to dropping out cause he outspent Huckabee 15-1.

On to New Hampshire.

And it seems that freaking Bemidji State is going to kill their hockey program by not committing to be a tenant in the proposed Events Center. Bemidji State's hockey conference (CHA) is folding because it doesn't have enough members. We can't get into the WCHA cause they are mean bastards (and because we don't have an arena). And if we don't have a conference we can't get any teams to come up here and play home games, we can't get into any tournaments and we won't have any way of getting into national championships. If we could just push through until the Big Ten creates their own hockey conference (which they are likely to do) then the stupid WCHA might let us in.

Bemidji doesn't have any school spirit as it is and this is just going to make it that much worse. Our university president seems to slowly be f*ing every thing up. Rawr.
I am currently enjoying the tidbits that MinnesotaBrown writes on his blog. He's a journalist for the Hibbing Daily Tribune and KAXE Radio Morning Show.

Last month he posted a survey about Santa. The options were, "Santa is...":
  1. Real
  2. Not real
  3. Real in our hearts
  4. State Sen. Tom Bakk, (DFL-Cook)
When I read this I laughed my ass off and immediately sent it to my coworkers.

And yesterday he shared some insights from a friend of his who lives in Iowa (if you didn't know the Iowa caucuses were yesterday you freaking uninformed voter). Apparently, she hasn't had to shovel her sidewalk all winter (not because doorknockers are packing it down) because,
"All you have to do is ask one of the campaign workers who knock on doors to do it and they will."
Well, it might be better to be shoveling than to knock on another door only to have it slammed in your face. Also,
"Because the campaign work day runs about 19-20 hours, there are events going on at all hours. My friend and her husband were waken by their dog who heard an Obama rally down the street. Her husband walked the dog into a crowd of rally attendees going home.

"The junior campaign workers are spending today standing on street corners all day with their candidate's signs. It's a balmy zero degrees right now."
Yea, really glad to be past that point in my politics career.
"As a likely Republican caucus goer, she has DIRECT ACCESS to Chuck Norris whenever he comes to Dubuque."
That's direct access folks.
Ooh. That'd be fun.
The Heights Theater is showing Juno. Random Inspiration highly recommends it as a Minneapolis must (even though its in Columbia Heights). And with Minnesota Native Diablo Cody as the screenwriter, I can't wait to see it.
Human Clock

I found this cool thing called the Human Clock yesterday. People send pictures in with numbers and/or times on them and the website changes the picture every minute. These are submissions from Duluth and Minneapolis that I enjoyed yesterday afternoon.

The same person also does the Human Calendar. How does he get the heads to face the right place? How many pictures would you need for each day? 31? Of course, I couldn't resist adding another widget to my sidebar. I know it's getting cluttered, but it was just so much fun.

My 24th year was pretty good.
  • I found a real job with health insurance and a retirement plan that I love.
  • I moved away from my hometown. Bittersweet.
  • I started running, something that I never thought I would do.
  • I proved to myself that I could do things like cook, paint, and sew.
  • I met the love of my life. (We might consider this too close to 2008 to count for 2007, but oh well.)
I also recently changed my nose ring from an actual ring to a little stud. The lady down in supply (they never seem to remember who I am or that I've been here for a year) told me I couldn't have that in my nose once session starts. Apparently, she didn't know that I'd been hanging around on the senate floor all last winter with it through my nose. But I have kinda been feeling that as a 25 year old, maybe it was a little much.
New Years Bash
Resolutions for 2008:
1. Stop saying "super" and "cute" and especially "supercute" so much, so as to sound more professional and less ditsy.
2. Use the book that Mom gave me for Christmas and GET FINANCIALLY STABLE.

Anthony, Andrew and I had a lovely evening of drinking, eating and dancing. We even got a parking spot on the street next to the restaurant.

Head to toe outfit shot with the lovely Genevieve. She invited us out to the fabulous private party above Spill the Wine. Dress clearance from the Limited and shrug clearance from Express. Black lace and silver sparkley shoes clearance from Target and $.90 clutch from salvation army. (Also wore a pretty blue wool coat clearance from Target too.)

My pretty turquoise clutch showed it's thrift colors by bleeding it's dye on to my hands. Watch out!

The lovely Genevieve again on the dance floor, sipping some wine.

Kicking it on the dance floor.

Flickr Set

Best part of the night: Anthony constantly telling me how hot he thought I looked. Swoon.
So it's been quite a while since I last posted and lots of stuff has happened.

Most importantly, my two favorite people had birthdays. First up was Jessica who turned an ancient 23 on the 18th. I embroidered some blue birds onto a lovely cardigan for her.

Here we are celebrating with her BF, James at Pazzaluna on Friday night (I'm getting a $25 parking ticket as we pose for a photo.)

Then, it was Anthony's turn to turn 25. We went out on Grand Avenue with all of his favorite people.

Me and the birthday boy (a few drinks into the night).

Jess came too, yay!

His lovely sister Melissa.

Then, I made him come up North to celebrate my birthday at Green Cheese and Bar 209.

Testing out the fake phone booth in the sculpture walk downtown Bemidji.

Obligatory Paul Bunyan photo.

We had dinner at my favorite restaurant, Tutto Bene, with my parents and my brother and his girlfriend. And OMG, Andy Mackenstadt was our waiter. Jeez Louise. Then, it was out to Guthrie for some Green Cheese, which I have not photos of cause I left my purse at Tuttos. You'll just have to imagine it.

Then, we met up with folks at 209. I put 15 songs in the juke box at the beginnning of the night. Little did I know there were volchers behind me just waiting to pay extra to skip in front of my songs. So I heard one song and then waited two more hours to hear any others. Yeesh, learned my lesson.

Love the neon light at 209. Why can't all bars be lit so nicely?

Kate, who came out for the night even when she had to work at 6:00 AM!

Caroline with a blurry Anthony, who was loved by all family and friends, naturally.

Erica and Angi (who is pregnant! Yay for smoke free bars and pop!)

Happy quarter century to me!

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