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Miranda Lambert came to the state fair.

It was a gorgeous day and night at the fair. Actually, maybe a little too chilly when the sun went down for me. But for everyone else it was probably perfect.

We had kinda crappy seats, towards the back on the floor. Not so great when you're a short girl like me and when EVERYONE IS WEARING COWBOY HATS that make them even taller. Stupid hats.

It was finally dark enough to use the screens and I got a shot of what she looks like up close.

This ferris wheel looked really cool through the trees and I tried to capture it, but I wasn't very successful. The screen is showing State Fair fun facts like "2.6 million individual cheese curds are sold at the fair every year." We did our part to contribute to that number earlier in the day.

Oh, and Dierks Bentley was the headliner. He's okay too.
Kate & Travis Married
Last weekend we traveled up to the Iron Range. This time for the wedding of my friend, Kate to her fiance, Travis.

We stayed at the newly remodeled Black Bear Casino hotel. It was fun and swanky and nice and new and clean. But they wouldn't let us check in before 4:00 pm. The wedding was at 4:30, 45 minutes away from the hotel. That was just a little annoying. But I found a secluded, single bathroom with an outlet to plug in my curling iron that made it all better.

And for our trouble, they gave us $5 to play at the casino. Which, I happily turned into $20 on the poker slot machine. Score!

The Wedding was Kate's parent's farm. It was a warm beautiful day with a nice breeze.

In case you miss all the cars parked in the front yard.

The Blessing

At the reception we sat with the other college friends who weren't bridesmaids. Melissa and her beau, Nick.

Anthony chats up Caroline. They had a roasted pig and yummy baked beans and salads. We all agreed it was delicious.

The Happy Married Couple

April gets a break from tending the open bar. They had yummy punch that Anthony suggested would be wonderful with a little Malibu. And, oh, it was.
Best Show Ever

The set list. The moment the roadies put this out we stretched to take a picture of it. I was so ecstatic to see that "Girl" as in "Girl Named Tennessee" was in the mix. They played it the first time we saw them and it made us fall in love with the band. Unfortunately, it is a new song and not on any recording. They hadn't played it since November, so we were left with Youtube clips to tide us over.

Waiting for our favorite band to come on.

I got a little bit of "Girl Named Tennessee" on my camera, but it's pretty loud and doesn't sound that good.

The guitar player came on stage with big dorky glasses on. What? Tuning.

I love when I catch someone else's flash

Trying to get all of the band in at once, not succeeding.

He jumped up on a tiny little amp right in front of us. Yikes!

"I need more time, just a few more months and we'll be fine."

Rockin' on Girl Named Tennessee

Tuning tuning tuning

The bassist hoped up on the piano bench.

They were in such a good mood - it was a packed house and they played all of their fun songs.

The encore. An acoustic version of "Washed by the Water". They had us be quiet and gather round the stage - perfect for recording!

We were joined by a few of our friends for the show.

Yes, I took even more photos: Flickr Set
Reminder: Needtobreathe tonight

We're going to meet at the Loon Cafe for happy hour until the doors open at 6:30, you should totally join us.
Angi has been uploading pictures on her flickr and I just love seeing her kids and all the things in her garden that I'm missing. Here are a few of my favorites:
Clearwater County Fair

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