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New gadgets
trying out my wireless at uptown - super fun
what is the deal
with CBS not willing to air the MoveOn.org ad? why won't any station show any of the adbusters subverts? the airways are public - if someone pays for time they should be granted it.
minimum wage
I got into a heated political discussion in the CS lab today. It started with discussion of the caucuses, primaries and the candidates. Aparently, many people feel that Bush is too popular and that there is no way he could be defeated.

Later someone mentioned that all of our current problems weren't Bush's fault, but Clinton's. I was simply outraged. Are you kidding!? We had a $230 billion budget surplus when Clinton left office. He raised the minimum wage, he even reformed welfare!

Those that I was talking to were against raising minimum wage: "When I was working, all the new people got hired at my current wage, but did I get a raise - no." That's too bad. I'm sorry that the conservative tightwad at the top of your company didn't feel as generous as our president had and raised your wage also.

The minimum wage hasn't been raised since 1997. They argued that no one hires at minimum wage anyway. I beg to differ, but that's not the point. The minimum wage should be raised at the very least in accordance with inflation. Their theory was that raising the wage will make inflation go up. Well, let's see has inflation risen in the last 5 years? Yes. Have we had a raise in minimum wage? No. Prices are going to go up on their own, we need people to be paid enough so that they can afford to have food to eat and a warm place to live. Is that too much to ask. Why are people against raising the wage when they already make more than that?
It seems
that a certain political science prof has been showing the pic below of Julie and I to all of his classes. Not just showing but, projecting on the overhead proxima to class sizes of 100. And classes in which Julie G. is a TA! She is subsequently not very happy about this. Sorry Jules:)
You have just won one million dollars:

1. Who do you call first?
my mom
2. What is the first thing you buy for yourself?
a honda civic hybrid or toyota prius or if I was practical I'd pay off my student loans
3. What is the first thing you buy for someone else?
maybe buy my roommate a car - cause we both have crappy ones that don't want to start in the 20 below weather
4. Do you give any away? If yes, to whom?
yes - church, candidates, school...
5. Do you invest any? If so, how?
I'd have to consult someone on this, cause I don't know much about investing.
Under the rotating regional primaries system, the nation would be divided into four regions, and each region would hold its primaries or caucuses in different months
This may be a better way to practice democracy.
Conservatives Deconstructed
From an early age, conservatives demonstrate a personal need for order and structure. One study has shown that conservative teens are more likely to say they are "neat, orderly and organized" than are liberal adolescents. The authors note that this desire for set rules correlates with the examples of mental rigidity mentioned above, and can be seen in the political realm when conservatives attempt to order their own and other's lives by advocating drug testing, core educational curriculum, controls on people with AIDS, and strict parental control of children.
via daniel
Like the "Tirty Point Buck"
song they play on KB101, its 10:30 below...or if you stand near the house it is January 29 below zero and it just keeps getting colder.

The DJs on the local public radio station, KAXE, are continually warning "Don't go outside! Humans aren't made for this weather. Make a fire and sit by it, stay inside people!" Which I find rather humerous. Too bad I'm not in K-12 anymore cause they get the day off tomorrow. The only way BSU will ever cancell classes is if the Governor closes things. I doubt Pawlenty will take a break from his death penalty agenda to worry about us up North.
“I’ve got spurs that jingle, jangle, jingle...”
That was the only line she knew, so she assumed spurs were like charm bracelets.
standing room only
Bad router?
my internet so sucks right now - it lasts for about 20 minutes and then it dies!!! Ahhhhhh!
Second Service
We had our first meeting about a second service today. We got into dialogue about what we want to do, how to do it, where with who - who would attend, who would help.

We all agreed that we are not meeting the needs of everyone in the church.

My ideal is a service that is on saturday nights where we meet to commune with God, have experiential worship not spectator worship, time for dialouge, reflection and fellowship. Then we all go out to the bar and continue the conversation.

I fear we are running our church too much like a business and not enough like a mission. There will be a new committee for planning/vision of the church - where do we want to be in 5 years, membership wise, financially - and I'm not sure but I hope it includes missionally and spiritually, communally.
I've been caught. Stealing bandwidth nonetheless (exactly what I had scolded the profs at os for doing). I often do take the time to save and upload pics to my angelfire account that I use to host images. But, this time I was lazy and just took the address.

If you were here January 26, you may have seen the animated image below - saying "Stealing Bandwidth is bad Ettiquette..." Lillywhite Intentions was not happy that I simply linked to her page. But I must say was very clever in her chastisement. Sorry, Lillywhite Intentions, I feel really bad and you have taught me a lesson. I am kinda surprised that she even found me, cause I didn't think I had linked back to her - but I ended up being pretty high on her referrer list.
End of the World
end of the world
via justin p. of the big blue house
made it to class,
but was late and had to pay the obligatory fee of $1 to the finals week food pot.
Amy E. (and whomever else wants to):
we should do something like this...spread good music to the people
i will not miss my 8AM class tomorrow
i will not miss my 8AM class tomorrow
i will not miss my 8AM class tomorrow
i will not miss my 8AM class tomorrow
i will not miss my 8AM class tomorrow
i will not miss my 8AM class tomorrow
i will not miss my 8AM class tomorrow
i will not miss my 8AM class tomorrow
rss i think this is all i have to do...
bumc mission commission!
refocusing our global perspective. supporting small farmers with fair trade coffee, tea and hot cocoa. Middle East, Palestinian
realtions. I'm not an island! Someone has taken the initaitive to do something in our church!

2nd service
time to do something alternative. take a different route. people are taking the initiative and i can help yea church is getting
better all the time.

awesome conversation with normally ultra hyper active youth - chatting about tea and coffee, he is such a little progressive
waiting to happen!
i love my friends! they threw julie g. and i a surpise birthday party on thursday night!
Amy conspired with Chels and Laura to bring all of our friends together.

It was an evening filled with love. Reminding us of how many people care for us. It definately was a surprise - thank you Amy!!

pic of jules and me on the last night in oxford at chicago rock (from froyd.net)

Do you ever feel that the Bible is "too big and freaky looking"? Are you ever too intimidated to read it? Revolve is for you. It's a Bible that looks like a fashion magazine!

This good book not only brings young girls to His Word through fashion tips, celebrity birthdays (pray for Britney Spears on December 2) and feature stories like "Are You Dating a Godly Guy?", it also prepares them for a lifetime of submission. Revolve girls don't take the lead in relationships. Revolve girls do get married before the age of 35. And that is something of a miracle, because Revolve girls never call guys. Ever. Eliza Strickland

...that only you can find
On a local scale I say find someone to love and love them with an open, negotiated integrity. As for everyone else, love them too. Find good work. Do good work. Give. Save. Spend. In a passionately excessive, responsible, sustainable way. Live the harmony of networked and unplugged that only you can find.
Mr. Florke and Mr. Maloney
In the nearly 12 years Randy Florke and his partner, Sean Maloney, have been together, they have renovated 11 homes, created four businesses, opened a restaurant and adopted three children. And while all this was going on, one of them ran the office of a United States president. via theyblinked

eagerly awaiting doc-martens return...
joy in the upper room
Youth group was great tonight! We sat in a circle under our awesome 20' wide sky light in the "upper room" of our church, enjoying each other's company. Joking, laughing, talking, learning. They were pretty respectful of each other and they paid attention for the most part and had great insights and answers to my questions. Everyone had something good to offer. I had a wonderful time - I wasn't too cool for myself, I was able to laugh at their jokes...they had very few put downs for eachother!

We created an atmosphere of community, one where everyone could genuinely be themselves. A real feel-good time for everyone. (rather cheesy, I know)
could bearly watch...
I swear I posted about the state of the union, maybe I accidentally deleted it. Anyway, I'd like to explain to Mr. Bush that discremination does not belong in the constitution. The Church can dictate the definition of marriage, but the state cannot - it is simply a civil union. Also, please don't push for more abstinence sex-ed. We really don't need more young mothers on the welfare rolls. And I'm sorry but universal health care is a good thing and as the strongest nation in the world we should have it just like every other 1st world nation.
I get to talk about my favorite verse to night at youth group.
John 1:1-14 MSG:

The Life-Light
1The Word was first,
the Word present to God,
God present to the Word.
The Word was God,
2in readiness for God from day one.

3Everything was created through him;
nothing--not one thing!-
came into being without him.
4What came into existence was Life,
and the Life was Light to live by.
5The Life-Light blazed out of the darkness;
the darkness couldn't put it out.

6There once was a man, his name John, sent by God 7to point out the way to the Life-Light. He came to show everyone where to look, who to believe in. 8John was not himself the Light; he was there to show the way to the Light.

9The Life-Light was the real thing:
Every person entering Life
he brings into Light.
10He was in the world,
the world was there through him,
and yet the world didn't even notice.
11He came to his own people,
but they didn't want him.
12But whoever did want him,
who believed he was who he claimed
and would do what he said,
He made to be their true selves,
their child-of-God selves.
13These are the God-begotten,
not blood-begotten,
not flesh-begotten,
not sex-begotten.

14The Word became flesh and blood,
and moved into the neighborhood.
warning - this is kinda whiny
(I'm sure you all have horrible schedules too, but this is where I get to talk about stuff and this what I choose to say.)

I started slim-fast again today. Trying to cut back especially on the days I don't get a work out in, which are days like today. I was gone from home from 8AM to 7:30PM today with a scheduled break of 15 minutes to eat lunch and an unexpected break of 30 mins before ppl&env. I spose I could have worked out once I finally returned home, but I was more ready to eat supper than jump up and down, not to mention get on the computer and decompress the day.

I'm tired and have no desire to be in school or to do homework this semester. This isn't a good recipe for good grades.
"online services, this is julie"
I am very annoyed and embarrassed that I was late for my 2:00 Linear Algebra class. I was 15 minutes late, cause I was working at OS and it was crazy busy and stressful, thus I didn't notice the time had passed. Argggg, I really like my Linear class and usually leave work early for it. That class is a packed 40 students and thus lots of eyes on you when you walk in late.

Speaking of work I am really tired of getting calls where people are mad at me for stuff I can't control. I'm sorry you don't know your pin number, that there is a difference between your webct password and the password to login to registration and a different one for email and no I don't have your number in front of me - do you really want me to have access to it anyway? I'm sorry you didn't notice there were two versions of your class and thought that your syllabus had mysteriously disappered (not to mention it is not the student worker's responsibility to make sure that is up for you, would you have a student update your syllabus in a regular class?). I have no control over the server and what it does and I have nothing to offer but appologies - what were you looking for a refund?

Can I say this? No, I put on my fake-happy-high voice and say I'm sorry, I'll look in to that for you. And then you continue to complain about how this is causing you a lot of problems that you don't have time for. Hey, guess what the only thing I have power to do is to say, I'll look in to that for you.
Spider & the Bee
I am supposed to read "The Spider and the Bee" and then write an essay for my people and the environment class about the purpose of human culture. At first I was thinking along the lines of an outlet for personal expression or a way of connecting with other people - a defining point. But after reading the essay and the question, I feel my prof is intending me to think more along the lines of who benefits from our culture - one person or many?

What do you think the purpose of human culture is?
having no cable,
i finally found where i could get live results of the iowa caucuses and watch various caucuses online. i should really be doing my homework.
a few notes
as you can see comments are back up and running, now on haloscan, but with all the old ones still intact. woo-hoo

one of the dangers of my new lap top is the ease of surfing from bed and the consequent late nights...

froyd has a blog!

congratulations kelly on your awesome balance beam score at your competition this weekend!
get your war on

For Andi:
hey i saw this blog design and thought of you:)
according to s&d comments should be back up this weekend. i'm glad, i miss seeing the little notes you leave.
How is it?
"Representative Fuller, how is it that you are the Vice-Chair of the House Capital Investment Campaign yet the Governor included virtually nothing in his bonding recommendations for District 4A?" - Frank Moe
Project an image
"While President Bush likes to project an image of strength and courage, the truth is that in the presence of his large financial contributors he is a moral coward - so weak that he seldom if ever says 'No' to them on anything - no matter what the public interest might mandate." - Al Gore
Froyd's comment to this would be something like: "All politicians are cowards in the presence of their special interests."
Hey Doug Fuller
Worry about not raising my tuition before you put all your energy into building a hockey rink!
don't get me wrong - i love my beavers d1 hockey. but why is it one of your 3 top priorities? and another thing, could you maybe educate doug lindgren on the issues so he doesn't screw something up down there?
can i have my faith back please. can i have the undoubting, childlike faith of high school. I feel empty. I feel alone, I feel sad.

luth. worsh helps me to feel more motivated, revived, like I have awakened something that had been laying dormant. thank you God for still being there when I came to look again. Thank you for inspiring me and getting me there. thank you that i didn't just sit in this apt and feel sorry for myself, but went out and met you where you were always waiting. "found myself standing on your grace, it'd been there all the time..."
wednesday night crew
I went to Lutheran Worship tonight. It was so wonderful. I felt close to God, I felt filled, I felt loved at that service. The pastor and people there are so welcoming. They genuinely are glad to see you. The music was great as always. The standard piano, guitar, singers and this week drums too - who could ask for more (maybe an electric guitar and screaming riffs and more volume, but maybe I'll just provide that with my loud singing.) Sang a bunch of eviljellocult goodies/favorites. Stuff you can sing along to without looking at the overhead projection. Yea. just stand there with your eyes closed, your head lifted to the sky and sing your heart out to God! That is what I have been missing. The sheer joy of singing at church. My whole body responds, my skin warms and tingles, my heart beats faster my face smiles, my toes tap, I sway and have the desire to open my hands - which i stiffled tonight. I was already singing loud enough wouldn't want to draw too much more attention to myself by being all charismatic and stuff. message was good prayers were prayerful and genuine. peace was reaffirming - good to see you's all around. It was really nice to sit in worship and just be in God's presence. To forget about the outside world for a bit and just be.
extreme progamming
No excuse
I have no excuse for not posting - just being lazy in anticipation of the new semester. Sorry for the delay, I really appreciate your persistence in checking my page for new updates:)
Lots of Democrats in one room - Yea Baby
I went to the Beltrami Co. DFL meeting tonight. Interesting as always. There was a good showing from the college democrats. One of the issues we disscussed was the upcoming Minnesota Dem Caucus, which is on March 2, 2004 @ 7:00 PM. For anyone in the area who doesn't know where they can go and particpate, here you go:

Site 1. Lincoln Elementary
Ward 5, 333-3250
Bemidji Ward 5
Sugar Bush, Bemidji, Ten Lake, Frohn, Unorg. #3, & Moose Lake Twps.

Site 2. BSU—Beaux Arts
Ward 1, 755-3763
Bemidji Ward 1 & 3
Grant Valley & Wilton Twps.

Site 3. J.W. Smith
Ward 2, 333-3290
Bemidji Wards 2 & 4

Site 4. Northern Elementary, 333-3260
Durand, Port Hope, Northern, Turtle Lake, & Turtle River Twps., Turtle River City

Site 5. Roosevelt Town Hall Debs Corner, 243-3309
Alaska, Roosevelt, Maple Ridge, Eckles, Liberty, Buzzle, Jones, Lammers Twps., Solway City

Site 6. Nebish Town Hall
Nebish, Hagalai, O’Brien, and Nebish Twps.

Site 7. Blackduck Legion (Basement) 835-4336
Birch, Hornet, Summit, Battle, Langor, Quiring, Cormant, Shooks, Woodrow, Kelliher, Taylor, Tenstrike, Unorg. #2, & Shotley Twps., Blackduck, Funkley,
Hines, Kelliher, and Waskish Cities

Site 8. Red Lake Reservation
Little Rock Pct. (Little Rock Center)
Ponemah Pct. (Ponemah Center)
Redby Pct. (Redby Center)
Red Lake Agency (Red Lake Tribal Council Chambers)

Site 9. Our Savior Lutheran Church
Hamre, Benville, Spruce Grove, Steenerson, Lee, Unorg. #1, and Minnie Twps.

And here is kinda a crappy map that I found and enlarged the city wards on. Click on it for the full size...

Here is what will happen at the caucus (from the Belt. DFL newsletter):
Basically three things happen at a precinct caucus.
  • Consider Resolutions. If you have any idea or issue you would like the party to consider for its’ agenda, you may offer it in writing at your caucus meeting. If passed by a majority, it goes on to the State Convention for consideration. (The idea for the Peace Corps came from a caucus meeting in Minnesota)

  • Presidential Preference Ballot. Vote for your favorite presidential candidate or vote undecided. This vote determines the number of delegates from Minnesota that will attend the National Convention for each candidate.

  • Election of Delegates to County and Senate District. Chances are good, you will be elected to the next two levels, the County and Senate District Endorsing Conventions. If you have a favorite candidate for House Districts 2B or 4A, you will want to be a delegate .

Note: If unable to attend your precinct caucus, send a written request to the County Chair or your Precinct Chair asking to be included as a caucus attendee and as a delegate to the conventions.

And don't forget the Beltrami DFL Convention Sunday, March 14, 2004 at 3:00 PM, Beaux Arts Ballroom, Bemidji State University.

Agenda items of the County Convention are:
  • Election of at least five persons to the Beltrami County DFL Board of Directors, and two alternates as members of the State Central Committee.

  • Election of Delegates to State and Congressional Conventions. Beltrami delegates will elect eight (8) delegates and alternates to attend both the State and Congressional Conventions. Six delegates/alternates will go to the 7th CD Convention in Detroit Lakes and two delegates/alternates will be elected to go to the 8th District Convention in Duluth.

  • Speeches and Visit with Candidates for Public Office. All candidates for State House District 2B and 4A will attend. If you are undecided on who should be endorsed, this is an opportunity to ask questions of candidates. US Congressional candidates and state office holders may attend.

Then there are districts, state, and national, but I am boring you already...
Ahhhhhhh my comments are gone
I have a feeling that BlogSpeak's server has crashed. Just have to email me:)
Back to School
I haven't bought textbooks, I haven't even bought notebooks. I'm avoiding the reality of the new semester. I really don't want to go back to school (could it be because of my 8:00AM M-F schedule?). This is usually not the case. I am usually at least a little excited about starting new classes with new teachers and peers.

Right now I would much rather work from 9-5 everyday and go home and not have any homework looming in the back of my mind that I inevitably procrastinate doing.

I'm hoping my wonderful professors will inspire me to excell in academia. There is hope for this considering I'm taking 2 classes from the best CS professor at BSU - Marty Wolf and Dann Siems is going to incorporate a wiki for (the dreaded) People in the Environment.
Prof Blackburn is aiming to save lust "from the denunciations of old men of the deserts, to deliver it from the pallid and envious confessor and the stocks and pillories of the Puritans, to drag it from the category of sin to that of virtue".
via Kamran
Most Americans
Most Americans have more debt on their credit cards than money in their mutual funds.
i want hair like mandy moore on the cover of cosmo:

...a recent independent study commissioned by the Minnesota Department of Health found that sexual activity among junior high students at three schools where abstinence-only has been taught actually doubled between 2001 and 2002. And the number of kids from those schools who said they would probably have sex during high school nearly doubled.

The abstinence-only program continues to be pushed by neo-conservative groups who have support from Gov. Tim Pawlenty and President Bush.

The strategy is out of step with reality and out of step with most Minnesotans. Recent surveys show 77 percent of Minnesota parents want their kids to both be taught abstinence and given information about contraception and other information about sexuality.

Duh - hasn't it been proved before that abstinence-only sex-ed doesn't work? When I was in middle school we were taught more than abstinence-only. When did MN start going backwards on this?
mmmm massage
I had my first massage today. It was a gift from Kari at BUMC and was really wonderful (I love the smell of the essential oils she used, I gotta get some lavender). All this working out and staring at the computer has me a little stiff and sore - which made it even more worth it.

It turns out my masouse (sp?) was an aquantance's mom! We had a nice chat about this and that. She had some insightful things to say about our current economy. She is a trader - she often trades goods and services instead using money. When she found out that I am a cs major and specifically had just taken a class in database, she offered to trade massages for computer help! Awesome - I helped her with a quick fix on her customer/trade database before I left and she'll call me if she needs more help. I love hippies...I secretly want to be one or maybe a punk, maybe a combination - is that possible?
I don't want to sell anything, buy anything, or process anything as a career. I don't want to sell anything bought or processed, or buy anything sold or processed, or process anything sold, bought, or processed, or repair anything sold, bought, or processed. You know, as a career, I don't want to do that. - Lloyd Dobler
from the doc
"Christ was someone who sought out people who were disenfranchised, people who were left behind. He fought against self-righteousness of people who had everything. ... He was a person who set an extraordinary example that has lasted 2,000 years, which is pretty inspiring when you think about it."
- Howard Dean, Democratic Presidential Candidate, Boston Globe interview, published Dec. 25, 2003
via doc-martens
January 6, 2004.
The day the moon crashed into the earth.
mmmm cooookies
I'm so happy people are starting to come back to town. A lot of my Bemidji friends have already returned to their respective college towns and that makes for a lonely Julie. But, now Chels is home (not for long though - Justin is due back tonight), Andi is back in town (although sick :(, she should be at work again soon - get well!), and Amy called me tonight to come over, eat fresh-baked (with her own 2 hands) chocolate chip cookies and watch Pirates of the Carribean (sp?), with Kamran (obviously also in town and now living with Froyd, a fellow Bemidjite).

I actually have plans yay!
Sorry about the delay in updates
I really had updates ready to go last night, but then the Blogger server was down...
-21 degrees farenheit
that was the temp still at 9:00 AM this morning. thanks to my dad, i have a block heater and an extension cord, so my car started. but other people in my apt/house had lots of problems. unfortunately, chels found out that her car doesn't even have a block heater.
starting the year off right
3 4 days in a row! back on the workout-bandwagon. time to start training for the grand canyon backpacking spring break trip with Amy, Kamran, Julie G., Laura, and Bill.
pb update
I went in to paulbunyan yesterday and they were so awesome! They took off the $100 wiring charge from 7/29 (we didn't even move in till 8/2), took full responsibility for 4-month internet billing problem, told us that we could spread the payments out, AND took $25 off the rest of the bill. Good things come when you are nice and calm - my phone's not going to get turned off, YAY!
maybe get paid for doing what i like to do...
My (Uptown Caffe) boss and I were talking today about my other job. I mentioned that I was working on the new Online Services site and that lead to a disscussion of me doing the website for Uptown!

We are getting wireless internet in the caffe and now seems like a good time for her to do it. I've been wanting to do one since I started working there, but just never got (inspired $$$) around to it.

We talked about layout, design, and content...but not what my fees would be. Hmmm, better mention that I'd like to get paid for this:)
We light candles
How We Gonna Pay How We Gonna Pay How We Gonna Pay Last Year's Rent
Jonathan Larson

tuesday, we got our phone/internet bill. in previous months our bills were $0, $10, and $30. we had yet to be charged for 3 months worth of internet. this month our bill is $253. there were problems getting the dsl installed - they seemed to like to come when both chelsey and i had explained we wouldn't be there. then there were problems with the landlord and thus we have extra house call charges.

why couldn't they have billed us the other months for some of this. like before christmas when i had money.

thank goodness it isn't due till after the next pay day.
yesterday, i flipped through my cd case of burned cds trying to find something fun to listen to. i took a chance on 3 cds that i had no idea what was on them and was pleasantly surprised (damn i have good taste in music). its funny how listening to something will transport me back in time - bringing back various feelings of loneliness, defiance, anxiousness, unwaivering belief. makes me realize how much i change all the time.
new years

happy new years everyone. i certainly had an interesting night, we'll just say that stuff like this doesn't happen to me very often...for those who were at froyd's, does this pic remind you of anyone?
i hope you all had a joyful and safe night as well.

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