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On to Boston
“Young Patriot Tour” is scheduled to depart in less than a week! On July 21, they will embark on this vital mission to take back our country, traveling 2,800 miles to help build a stronger America.
Summer 2003

bemidji miniettes Posted by Hello
Hey I made it, it's Miniette's 1-year anniversary on the 24th. I'm thinking about doing the "repost my favorite posts" thing, any requests or suggestions?
Haha Amy! You've been sucked into the blogsphere now!
Oh, have I mentioned what an wonderful place Uptown is to work? I love my customers, they honestly are the best customers in town. It is such a family there - everyone knows eachother. So many people use it as a meeting place for business or coffee time (we get to see and hear about lots of official business - hehe). It is really a beautiful place to work also with all the windows and the art on the wall. AND I can be very proud of our fair trade, organic, shade grown (almost no guilt) coffee that is freshly roasted and brewed. Not to mention our wonderful homemade food, plus we'll pretty much do what ever you want to your sandwich.

I have an awesome boss who, when I asked last week if I could have 10 days off for this trip said, "Oh yea, we'll make it work, down't worry." And wonderful coworkers that pick up my slack, make me laugh and make for many happy days at work.

Did I mention that I get 1/2 lb of coffee every week, free drinks, and 1/2 price food while I work? Considering, I'm addicted to coffee now and don't like cooking for myself, this is a major benefit.

Ahhhhh summer days at work.
Yesterday was the county DFL meeting, in our new headquarters, downtown. We discussed many issues, but one woman brought up her effort to make sure those who are allowed to vote are able to. Those like Native Americans who may be turned away if they only have their Tribal ID for verification - apparently you can't do that. WTF! Or felons who have served their time and paid their fees can vote and might not be aware of it. People need to know this and we are going to work to inform them.

In the fall, I think, one of the main focuses of the College Dems should be to inform students on where to vote and how to vote and who is running for what and what their stance is. Plaster the campus with information: what to do if they want to vote absentee, where to vote if they live off campus, what they need to bring. And informing them of all candidates running for all parities for all positions. I've only voted once in a regular election and there were lots of offices that I was like "ah I guess I'll pick this person cause I don't even know what this office is that they are running for." And this *should* work out in the Democrats favor. I might be told otherwise in my voter mobilization training next week.

I met with Onen Markeson today, to talk about studnent's perspective and concerns about the community. My mom stopped in too (we were at Uptown - the cultural center of Bemidji, who can resist). He is running for city council in Ward 1 which is the area that BSU is in. We had a good discussion housing, parking, jobs, community impact, ect.

Ooo and I'm finally getting my eyes checked and new glasses tomorrow. I already picked some out when I went with my mom to help her pick out a pair of her own. We will be 2 stylin' chicas:)

Also, tomorrow night I'll be doorknocking with Frank after I get down with work. Hopefully, I won't have to many coffee grounds on my clothes, so I'll look respectable.
Update - I know, I never do this enough, but you just gotta be in the right mood - ya know
Aaaaahh! So, lots happening that all of a sudden need to be done right now. I just got an internship with the county DFL - woo! Doing phone banking stuff. I also applied for a fall internship with pay.

I'm going to Boston! We are leaving on the 21st, stoping on the way to do rallies and be patriotic (we're encouraged to bring all the patriotic clothes we have), getting there on the 24th. The CDA convention goes through the 27th, the DNC convention runs 26-29, we leave on the 30th and return on the 31st. I'm assuming we drive through the night to get home.

I met an investment banker from Duluth at the bar on Saturday. He was in town for his friend's bachelor party and the wedding is on the 31st. So, if I'm back by that night we are supposed to hang out. I doubt much will come from this, but we'll see (I want a Sunday kind of Love).

I decided to move this weekend but you wouldn't know it from the looks of my apartment. I really need to stop typing right now and go pack some boxes or at least clean a little. Woo-hoo living with Julie G! (I don't remember the house number but it is a white house north of the house that looks like sponge bob on Birchmont Drive near 11th St.) I just sent my rent and deposit yesterday. The landlord was getting a little ansy, to say the least, but now everything should be squared away for the time being.

Still need to deal with the phone/internet. I'm kind of in a contract, hopefully it can just be transferred to Julie's. They have charter and PB phone, so we'll see. Oh and change all my bills addresses and make a forwarding address at the post office. I wonder if Carl will still be my mailman.
Etta James - Sunday Kind of Love
Words & Music by Barbara Belle, Louis Prima, Anita Leonard & Stan Rhodes

I want a Sunday kind of Love
A Love to last past Saturday night.
And I'd like to know it's more than love at first sight.
And I want a Sunday Kind of love.

I want a love that's only square
Can't seem to find somebody
Someone to care
And I'm on a lonely road that leads to no where
I need a Sunday kind of love

I do my Sunday dreaming, oh yea
And all my Sunday scheming
Every minute, every hour, every day
When we take the Lord's Supper, we aren't just agreeing to a theological principle or performing a dutiful act of remembrance like laying flowers on a grave. The Lord's Supper is a many-layered subversive and prophetic act that declares once and for all - the exile of God's people is over. The kingdom of God has come and will culminate in a final feast where all the friends of Jesus, regardless of class, race, gender, or nationality will sit at his table. Israel is - not a proud, pure, triumphant nation - but a rag-tag band of sinners living in the grace of God. That's who we are and that's why we bother with the Lord's Supper....
signposts via jonny baker
Alt Worship = EPIC Journey
Well, We finally hammered out an outline for the first service. We have a date, we have a time, we have a theme, scripture, lots of ideas and it didn't seem quite as frustrating as the last alt worship meeting.

We decided that we would do one service in the month of September and start doing two services in October. We decided that we would try doing different times and not nail down just one. The first service will be September 26, at 5PM. We will start with a potluck and worship will happen around 6. Since it is harvest time, that theme will shape the service. We will be reincarnating the Jewish Booth Festival called Succoth. We will do it in the "Upper Room".

Did you just see all those decisions above!? I don't think we've made that many decisions in the last 5 meetings we've had. Could the reason be that our pastor wasn't there?

It was really exciting creating a worship with these people. I volunteered to be in charge of atmosphere - beautification, lights, candles, incense, t.v.s, projections, layout. And I also want a little hand in the music aspect:) Other people volunteered to do more liturgy things like prayers, discussion facilitation. Others to hammer out logistics of food and marketing/advertising.

This is Bemidji's version of a postmodern/alternative service. It is cultural, it is not ultra cool like those in London, but it will be beautiful, athentic and worshipful. Ahhhhh.
blogs and such
Everytime I read a new blog and they say "I want this to have a specific purpose, not just my daily happenings," I feel a little
slighted. Like mine isn't really that great, cause its not always that prophetic and often is me whining about my "problems", complaining or happily exclaiming about something or someone. Can't a blog just be - and not have a grand purpose?
Over the Rhine - Idea #21 (Not Too Late)

Till we lay these weapons at your feet, Lord
How long, how long
Till we call all hatred obsolete, Lord
How long, how long
Till we walk like lovers thru Bethlehem
How long, how long
Till the lion lies down with the lamb, Lord
How long, how long

Too late
I know it's not too late
To wrestle with this angel
Higher and higher
Don't let go
Higher and higher
Before we know
How does it end
How does it end
We're all riding on the last train
Trying to find our way home again

Till we wash the blood from the hands of our fathers
How long
We're all sisters and brothers, sons and daughters
How long, how long
Our eyes all shine in different colors we cry, Lord
How long
Our dreams our tears are all the same by and by, Lord
How long, how long

Too late
I know it's not too late
To climb up Jacob's ladder
Higher and higher
Don't let go
Higher and higher
Before we know
How does it end
How does it end
We're all riding on the last train
Trying to find our way home again

It's not too late

Scars That Save
Over and over your blood covers me. How many times will It take me to see. I am so dangerous. I am so irresponsible. Here I am, broken again, but then you show me, you're wearing the scars that save. How can you see me, as something so lovely. Cause it's killing me that you took the blame. Over and over It falls back to me. My knees hit the floor and it's easy to see. I am so arrogant. I feel so unforgivable. This is my same old song. The one where I do It all wrong. And I will try (fight) with all that I am to get It right in the end.
I find it really hard to talk about being sad on this blog. I don't want to feel sorry for myself, cause it seems like that will just drag my misery on longer. And usually I am embarassed - I seem to be sad about unreasonable things.

Like now I feel really homesick...but I'm home. Hmmm. I think it is because I HATE LIVING ALONE and 4th of July was a big let down this year. I feel out of sorts. My parents went out of town, and I visited them. I felt weird about doing that, so I went back to Bemidji. But, everyone is with their own families. I want my parents back here. I walked in the parade and wanted them to be along the parade route, to be there after the parade. I didn't know what to do with myself.

Luckily, Amber called me up and invited me to eat with her family at Diamond Point. Then to Julie G.s with her family for more grilling at her house. My parents came home this evening, so I went home to hang with them. I was extremely tired from the parade and really just wanted to sit on the couch. They did too, so we never made it out to the fireworks. That bugs me. I could have gone, but I feel weird going by myself, even when I probably would have found someone I knew at the waterfront. I had a lot of up-in-the-air possibilites, but honestly I just wanted someone to call me again and make plans.

And of course Mr. Johnson had called this morning saying let me know when you are doing stuff and we'll hang out. But after a couple messages, I gave up. I am assuming that he is with his family. Damn hopes up.

I could probably chock all of this up to it being my emotional week. Yeah, we'll go with that. Okay, so writing this has put me into a worse mood - not exactly the goal.
Fourth of July begins Thursday
Thursday, Kari, Kate, Jake and I went down to the waterfront, cause Junction 51 was playing in the beer tent. Whoa it is expensive. They make you buy a carnival button for a $, the cover charge is a $, the required mug is $5, and if you buy it with 2 drink tokens you can get them for $2.50 instead of $3. I paid $12 for 2 beers, good music and socializing and the privilige of being in the beer tent. I talked to Brian Manly about alternative worship. We are going to make it as liberal and open as it can be while still being Methodists. My buddy Thomas was having his 21st birthday, so I made sure he stayed upright and got hit on for a while. At 12 we walked over to Ubar and danced the rest of the night.

I guess those beers were bigger than I thought, cause the first 3 hours of work on Friday all I could do was focus on not puking.

Best part of Friday: I made a decaf vanilla latte for a tourist and her reaction was, "This is the best latte I've had in a long time, oh that is so good! Your getting an extra tip, I already put in one but your getting another one! Oh, that is so good - I'm coming back for another before I go."

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