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What Althea wants for President
My president will have worked in a job that is universally considered "menial". Good job experience for my president would be something along the lines of waitress, short-order cook, dishwasher or ditch digger. I want my president to learn first-hand about how much creativity it takes to keep the bills paid at minimum wage. I want them to work at minimum wage a good, long time.

During that time, they should get very ill at least once, so that they can experience wage loss at minimum wage with no leave days or sick days. They also should attempt to purchase health insurance while on minimum wage. They should drive a 12-year-old car with rust eating through the paint, and it should break down regularly and cost an average of $500 to repair each time. Then, during their time as a minimum wage earner, the car should die completely and they should experience the desperation of losing a job because they can't afford a car, and the vicious circle that ensues.

They should have no family members or close friends who are in a position to help them out of this mess. They should apply for government aid at some point and should be turned down for assistance by a rude government worker who makes them feel like scum. They should lose pay for the time they took off from their minimum wage job to go to the social services appointment, and they should have to decide between a light bill and groceries at least once.
Among other things...

These are exactly some of the problems that people I know are going through. All those who are so selfish as to think that we don't need social programs have it WAY too easy. I'm screaming at all you conservative computer science majors that I argue with in the lab, the ones with parents paying for their education and willing to bail them out when crap happens (along with my brother). Do you think that just because you were lucky and got into the right family you are special? We are a priveliged society, it is our duty to take care of each other. Isn't it obvious that everyone benefits from a well-educated, healthy population - who have a sense of hope instead of a sense of desperation?

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