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I finished two books on my trip. Lamb and Primary Colors. Both of their endings where unsatisfactory. Lamb's content was really exciting, inspiring and funny though. I must say some of my favorite parts were all the sinning. Amazing I know.
It's all about Change, quotes from Lamb
(insert Jesus for Joshua and you get the picture)
"You're forgiven," said Joshua. Then he stood up. "What I am is in you all. The Divine Spark, the Holy Ghost, it unites you all. It is the god that is in you all. Do you understand that?"

"Of course God is part of you," James the brother said, "he's your father."

"No, in all of you. Watch, take this bread." He took a matzo and broke it into pieces. He gave a piece to every one in the room and took a piece himself. Then he ate it. "Now, the bread is me. Now all of you eat it."

Everybody looked at him.

"EAT IT!" He screamed.

So we ate it. "Now it is part of you, I am part of you. You all share the same part of God. Let's try again. Hand me that wine."

And so it went like that, for a couple of hours, and I think that by the time the wine was gone, the apostles actually grasped what Joshua was saying to them.
I had started Primary Colors last summer, but it got pushed to the bottom of the priority list. If you don't know, its supposedly about the first Clinton campaign. Reading it after this year's election is a little sad.
"I am against doing nothing while people are suffering. I am against the style of government that says, Wait - things'll get better. Just wait. I am against that kind of patience. I am *impatient* when it comes to the people you and I - all of us - have seen up here, the folks who worked hard all thier lives, did what they were supposed to do and suddenly the bottom drops out. You've seen their eyes, you've heard their stories. Are you saying we should do nothing to help?"
"[This] is exactly like professional wrestling: it's fake, it's staged, it doesn't mean anything. Most of us don't hate our opponents; hell, we don't even know 'em. We don't have the fierce kind of ideological differences we used to have, back when the war in Vietnam was on. We just put on the show because we don't know what else to do. We don't know any other way to get you all riled up, to get you out to vote."

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