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Happy Holy Week
It's holy week, but it doesn't feel like it to me. As with the rest of lent, I don't feel very spiritual or connected. I feel like I'm going in fast forward and that everything keeps getting faster. With the exception of work. That's been pretty slow (thankfully).

I got my butt to church Sunday morning for Palms, New Members (Angi), Ham and egg hunts. It reminded me of why I don't go very often. The announcements were TOO LONG. They need to be at the end. We talked about money for TOO LONG. And the sermon was TOO LONG for a Sunday in which there are about a million extra additions to the service. See, I can't worship this way. I really try and not be so critical, but I don't care how much is left on the building mortgage and the more I think about it the more pissed off I get that it took WORSHIP time to talk about it!

I complain that the sermon was too long, but it did talk about good things. I was enlightened that Hosana doesn't mean "rejoice" or "praise God". It means "Save me". So when the people and Jesus paraded into Jerusalem on "Palm Sunday" they were not praising Jesus, but asking God to send them a savior. Reminds me of the Dave Matthew's song "Save Me"

It also suggested that Jesus, sort of came to save us from bad religion. I.E. the pharasees and macabees who had gotten so judgemental they had forgotten about love. Hmm, sounds like some churches today (mine included, except we are selfish instead). As well, Eric suggested that when Jesus used parables, they were a way to get people to think about God in new ways. Hmm, sounds like what we're trying to accomplish with EPIC

Angi and the kids become official members of BUMC and it was great to be there to support them.

Before church, Luke Manley (age 5) gave me a quarter and asked, "Will you put this in the offering thing?" I asked him if he was sure he wanted to give me his quarter? He kinda hesitated and said yea. And I did.

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