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Catching Up
Sorry, that I've been silent for so long. I've been lazy, away from my computer and doing other things and have been too overwhelmed to blog lately. Here are a few of the highlights:

I really wanted to post last week about Green Cheese. About how I called in for the first time and we all had wings and looked up silly facts in books and on the internet and then sang along to the Dixie Chicks and I braided everyone's hair. And how pretty the light was. But then I didn't.

It was graduation last Friday. The ceremony was long and boring (and I like crap like that). And it was cold and rainy so we didn't do the traditional march from Bangsberg to the Fieldhouse. This was actually okay with me because then I was able to wear my red, 80s, peeptoe heels that I stole from my Mom that go oh, so well with my favorite dress:)

We had a great party at my parent's house with fabulous people and food. I totally made out like a bandit on grad cards (whoops forgot to say no gifts). And I received some much needed pots and pans. I'm determined to learn how to cook for myself. I almost bought a cookbook at Target entitled "Cooking for One". But it was just too depressing.

My roommate Yulia also graduated and so her brother and mom are here from Ukraine and are staying in our 2bedroom apartment. As well, my new roommate, Katia moved in on Sunday too. So, we went from 2 to 6 (including Yulia's boyfriend who was here for the weekend) in about 2 days. Ack. It's fun to have the house full, but for this bathroom hog and living room aerobicizer, it poses a bit of a problem.

To get out of the house and to celebrate/mourn my fellow politico, Anika's moving away, I escaped to the cities for Monday and Tuesday. I had time to read my free book from Young People For, Crashing the Gate by Daily Kos' Markos Moulitsas and MyDD's Jerome Armstrong.

I haven't gotten very far but so far they are bashing the single-issue groups for not having the foresight to see that banding together to elect a Democrat (that is perhaps not liberal enough for them) is more beneficial in the long run, than working AGAINST said (less-liberal) Democrat and ending up with a Republican. Duh.
Divided We Fall
And the problem is not just the categories and the segmentation, but the mind-sets they represent - there is too much emphasis on what the party can do for them and not enough on what they can do for the party.
...For the [insert special issue] groups, electing a Democratic majority that will build a progressive movement had to take a back seat to their own narrow agenda.

This book is definitely fireing me up to A) elect my candidate B) make my Party better.

Anyway, I was reading that at a coffeeshop while I waited for the lovely Julie G. to get off work and make it home through traffic. Then, she and I got to spend some quality shopping time together in Uptown. I picked up a cook book that claimed to be "Quick and Easy" and had pictures on every page at a used bookstore. That was step one. Now I need to go to the grocery store cause I don't even have salt & pepper or flour. Most days I'm lucky if I even have milk to eat cereal with.

It was when we stopped for a snack that I spied advertising for a certain sour-grapes, local political blog outside on the light pole. I was shocked for about a second and then proceeded to take a picture and remove said advertising.

If you're still reading, after shopping, I took a "speedy delivery" detour to Eden Prairie to pick up a Duluth Pack for "Top Chef/Survivor Man"'s BWCA trip. And then back to South Minneapolis for Anika's Unbirthday Party Celebration. Again, fabulous food and people including the imfamous Benton.

This morning I left early and made stops at my favorite bagel place, indulged in outlet clothes and pitstopped at the St. Cloud Barnes & Noble to use the rest room, pick up some clearance fiction and an iced mocha.

I made it through the trip without getting too lost and home in time to make my meeting in Bemidji.

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