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It's amazing the amount of Strong Democrats having surgery this week. Amazing.

"Hi do you wanna volunteer?" "No." "Okay, thanks. Bye."

"I love it when we match." "I love it too."
It's skirts and boots day at the office. Even when Jess and I went to get coffee at Wildhare, Angi was there in a skirt and boots.

I rented 4 videos - that's VHS on Saturday night. I was looking through the comedy section and the movie store guy asked if I needed any help. I asked if they had one spot with most of their videos. He said, since they've stopped making them, no. I felt like a dork-o but, they were only $1.50 each and its the only thing our 13 inch TV/VCR combo will play.

I've never had a job that makes me not want to go out, but to go home and chill. Escaping my life and watching romantic comedies, eating Chinese take-out with Jess sounded way better than getting ready to go out.
9 days
Everyone's ready for this to be over. Only 9 days to go. My parents are particularly happy that there is only little over a week left of constant campaigning.

I'm ready to fast forward through Halloween to Thanksgiving and Christmas. Target sent me an email about Christmas decorations and all I want to think about is putting up wreaths and lights. We're listening to Christmas music at the office today (that's right we work every single day). "I'll be home for Christmas" - the thought of being lazy and eating a ton of food with family is so foreign right now.

It wasn't too long ago that I didn't even celebrate Halloween because I thought it was the devil's holiday. Now, it's a time for me to remember those who have died in the past year and a reason to have a costume party.

In fact Jessica and I dressed up on Friday. I was a movie star and Jess was Madonna. It was fabulous.

Happy Birthday Little Brother

pretty pink

And Jessica and I got flowers to help us be happy at the office.

It was the memorial of Wellstone's death yesterday. We remembered and kicked ass for Democrats on the phone. With Wellstone's sign looking down on us. Take that Republicans. I remember being shocked at his death. And then completely frustrated by the election. It made me want to do something and here I am.

I just got my computer back from the service center yesterday. I'm currently on my fourth hard drive in 10 months. The first one died last December, luckily just after I had backed up and restored it. = $100

I filled-up the second one and it couldn't load Windows anymore. So, I ordered a cheap one online. When I got it, it wouldn't connect correctly. It cost $20 to send it back because I had to guarantee that it got there within seven days of my complaint or they wouldn't accept it. And they charged me about $10 'restocking charge'. So, I paid $30 to NOT take their product. = $30

I then went to Office Max and decided to invest a little more into a good Seagate drive. The guy who was fixing my computer talked me into actually putting the Seagate into my computer and putting my old drive externally. Sounded good to me so we did that. = $175 (including more RAM that I had put in)

Then, last Friday my computer would not turn on. I took it in and the hard drive had failed. I had it for 2 weeks. = $130 (labor and a new drive)

So, now I'm buying new software licenses and re-installing every freaking thing.

my love life
So, I'm chillin' at work last night. It's a little later than I am usually here, but I have a lot to re-install on my new hard drive. And I get a text message. And I think "Ooo, is it a cute boy?" I look and, no. It's my boss. I have a conference call the next morning. Because that is the life I lead.

Right now this job would be a lot more bearable if I had a boy who cared about me/paid attention to me more than once every 2 weeks.

Update: I forgot to mention that the Kerry organizer from 2004, who I'm like In-Love-With, sent me an email yesterday with pictures of his wife and new baby. Why - why?
Jess made me a glorious dinner last night. We had 'date night' and ate spaghetti squash out of the shell with tomato sauce and biscuts. We also sipped Strawberry Wine from ForrestEdge Winery and lit all the candles in our tool shed. I kept saying "We should be listening to the 'Strawberry Wine'" but we never did. Jess is really sad about that.

I've been self medicating with chocolate lately. Hot chocolate & mochas in the morning and the afternoon, brownies for dessert, fudge during call time. I'm starting to have a bit of overload.
P.S. I really don't like myspace. Bryan says "It's the KMart of online communities and nothing but html vomit." And I agree. Jeez, I can't even figure out how to make it not suck.
At the office
This morning I walked in to find some lovely flowers at my desk thanks to a great coworker/roommate/surogate mom, Jess (see logo banner above). Only 19 days - ack!

It's been a little cold this evening because the door's been hanging open. We had to air out the office due to the fumes from the glue they are using to fix the roof. So, we're all sitting here in our coats with headaches, making calls.

At least they are fixing the roof, hopefully we'll be leak free next time it rains.

And even better is that a great volunteer brought in homemade lasagne for us tonight! As well as fresh baked bread. And Justin bought us all Coldstone MMMint Cake. It was oh so great.

And I think I have a stalker. This guy who is in jail, but gets out on work release and walks past our office everyday. He stops in to kill time before he has to be back at the jail. I thought I was doing what Jesus would do by talking to him like a human being. But apparently he got the wrong idea and wants me to go to Arizona with him and only stays to talk if I'm here. Oh, goodness, little freaked out.
Green Mill
"It's garlicy - let's makeout!"

The more I do this job, the more I love people.
From women who come in and demand a sign be delivered and installed in their yard (She: "I came in and told you I wanted a BIG Hatch sign and all I got was a BIG Klobuchar sign. Where's my Hatch sign?" Me:"I can give you one right now." She:"No they can come and put it up, I'm not going out in the rain and cold." Me: "Well, we are pretty much focused on voter contact, signs aren't really a priority, that's probably why you haven't gotten it yet." She: "Signs are voter contact." Me in my head: Right, what was I thinking? She out the door:"Jeez the Democrats aren't very organzied.") Maybe do some actual helpful work lady and stop wasting my time. Put up your own sign.

To people on the phone who are undecided about who they will vote for, but don't want to hear any information. To people who don't decide until they flip a coin in the voting booth. To people who are so cynical and disillusioned with government that they see no worth in anybody trying to do something to change it cause, "it will never change." But, also need to complain to me forever about how everything sucks and stomp on my enthusiasm.

I just love working to make your life better.

P.S. It's opposite day.
10. Take lots of vitamins
9. Do your laundry to have enough clothes through Election Day
8. Make sure your car is running (or for just CD 5 - make sure you don't lock your keys in your car anymore)
7. Keep an extra pair of socks on hand (if it rains or snows)
6. Set multiple alarm clocks as the hours get longer
5. Buy Advil, bandaids, warm hat and gloves
4. Keep an emergency bottle of booze in your desk
3. Pay your rent and your bills that are due on or before Nov. 7th
2. Hook up with someone from the campaign, for cryin' out loud!
1. ASK YOUR FRIENDS, FAMILY AND NEIGHBORS TO VOLUNTEER FOR GOTV - because that's the only way you'll see them until November 8th!
Wake Me Up When September Ends
So, its October - 25 days to the election in fact, and I'm so excited! More people have made up their minds and my coworkers continue to be great (Jess and I are keeping a count of how many times the woo-hoo song comes on the pop (likely political ad land) station between now and the election). Only problem is it is already f'ing snowing. That makes campaigning that much harder. It's nearly impossible to write when your pen is frozen and you are wearing mittens.

On the bright side, Jess & my vacation is pretty much set - a week in Sunny California: a day at the spa, nights in wine country, days to wander San Francisco, and a few nights crashing with Merlin Froyd in LA. And a ban on phone calls between 4 and 9PM. As Jess would say: Glorious!
call me
So, we've been making calls all night at the DFL and Frank Moe's media guy is DJing for Rockin Retro Thursday at Mix tonight. So I called in and requested Call Me by Blondie. I think I'm pretty clever.

Skills I now have from doing this job:
- dialing with my left hand without looking
- being able to add, read, and type while simultaneously talking on the phone about something else
And I know a lot more about people than I probably should.

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