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Packing Rant
I suck at packing.

I get caught up in trying to organize things and end up in a mess and overwhelmed. Not to mention, trying to decide how to separate the stuff to move now and not be completely unhappy because I have zero pictures on my wall and no socks. Then, I get distracted and forget what I was doing in another room.

I worry that my dad is going to be mad that I don't have enough things ready for him to help me move tomorrow. I don't even really have a place to put things yet. And I'm not moving it all at once. So, most of it is going to my parents house for the time being.

After Christmas, I work for three days and then rush back up on Friday for Hutchinson Christmas on Saturday, and move the rest on New Year's Eve Day. I'm doing this cause, I don't really want to move back into my parent's house for a week. Which gives me hope for this move, because 10 months ago I was sobbing over moving out of their house.


There is all this stuff in the apartment that isn't mine. Like the Laz-E-Boy, the futon, the broken TV and the broken computer. I'm really tempted to just leave it here. And I don't technically have a lease, so I don't think I have to have the carpets cleaned (it seems like I am always the last to move out and thus the last to clean). But, I can't remember if I put down a deposit that I should be trying to get back. Or, did the landlord just use it for the second month's rent? Or, did I never put extra down?

I hate that I'm packing alone. I need a good influence around or someone to motivate me or bring me pizza or SOMETHING. I hate packing and moving, but I HATE living alone even more.

My other dilemma is whether or not to keep my couch. I used to think it was nice. But, I was mistaken. If I'm not going to keep it, I should probably take it to good will tomorrow. But, then I have no couch.

And how do I pack my crazy lamp (above) without crushing it?

And I'm PMSing, so I randomly cry for no obvious reason.

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