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Painted Bedroom!

The upcoming visit from my parents and a possible visit from Amber et al, gave me the added ambition I needed to finally paint my bedroom. It's the same color as my favorite purse (seen sitting on the bed). I got home around 6, started taping at 7, ran out of tape and started painting at 8. I finished cleaning my brushes at 10:30 and it was way more fun than the bathroom (no weird obstacles like a tub to work around).

Also, check out my gorgeous $20 Target lamp that I recently purchased during some retail therapy. I'm in love with all things crystal (or that look crystal) lately.

I was going to reward myself with a massage at the gym for finally getting this done, but I think dinner and drinks with Jessica tonight is even better.

Now I can finally put up pictures on the wall (I could hardly stand it without)!
Mean Girls and Cosmos
Last night Erica, Naomi and I met at Solera for their weekly movies & drinks on the roof. The feature was "Mean Girls" and Cosmos. The movie was funny, the service was good, the drinks were strong and the view was fantastic.

Weekend picture round-up
It's 1:00pm on Friday afternoon. I can understand why the traffic on the Westbound (out of town) side of 94 is a parking lot, but why is the Eastbound (into the cities) stopped as well? State Fair? College? It's a mystery.

Friday night when I got home, we spied the deer outside eating the plums next to the garden.

Guthrie Nation was well represented at the Green Cheese Picnic on Saturday night. It was a nice cool evening with lots of good food (I made chocolate chip and walnut cookies) and good fun.

I came home on Monday morning, instead of Sunday afternoon and it saved me about two hours of traffic aggravation. And also gave me more time to pick wild blackberries on the county land near Amber's house.

Here are my berry-stained hands and the three bags of berries that we all picked. Also, an heirloom tomato from Amber's garden.

Heading Up North
I'm gonna make the pilgrimage for the Green Cheese Live Picnic* in Grand Rapids on Saturday. I think I might whip up some chocolate chip cookies, or something else easy to bring along.

My goal for this weekend is to get a lot of sun and sleep, eat my mom's wonderful cooking, spend time with friends, come back with rummage sale finds and garden veggies and return when the traffic isn't horrendous (like Monday).

I finished a tea towel of a hostess with the mostess dropping her tray. My favorite part is her lavender heels. I think I'll still add "Julie's Kitchen". Then it's on to my "Cocktail Hour" towel. I'm so excited:)

*Green Cheese is a call-in radio trivia show that the extended Neumann family and I have a party, eat homemade hot wings and listen to every Saturday (when I'm in Bemidji).
Toile Love

via All the Best
We said a great prayer at church this Sunday
...we know that we are often heartless toward the misery of others and mindless toward your purposes for good, that our souls wither among our machines, that our strength has gone from us laboring after that which does not satisfy. By our luxury the hungry are sent empty away; for the sake of our comfort the innocent perish at home and abroad. As of old, we kill the prophets and anoint the fools.

Help us, great Lord, to deplore in ourselves the evil that so wantonly destroys; and provoke in us for the sake of all people those inward changes which support life, encourage liberty, and make possible the pursuit of (public) happiness. Amen.

I finished the fleece

I finished embroidering the fleece baby blanket for my coworker on Sunday. I am very glad to be done with it because it was really hard and a lot of work for someone else that I don't really even know. Probably won't do a similar project for a long time.

I also painted the bathroom on Saturday and I think it looks pretty good. Nice and bright white and shiny. Just like I like things. Next up to be painted: my room, ack.
Treadle Yard Goods on Grand is 100x better than JoAnn Fabrics on University
So JoAnn Fabrics really let me down when I went there for sewing and embroidery supplies. Bad help, ugly fabric.

But Treadle Yard Goods is a utopia of gorgeous things with lovely help and sewing classes (yay!). Just look:

I still can't find locally black and white toile to embroider neon and make a pillow (this is way better than it sounds). I did find it online however and am waiting until payday to order a couple yards.
Happy Birthday Andrew
(I know it seems all I do is post pictures of me and (insert friend here), but I'm lame like that.)

Andrew is as old as me now and we spent Friday night celebrating with his buddies in Mpls. He thinks it's funny that Minneapolis is an exotic location for me. I never go there and I kept exclaiming over things like WCCO studios and Solera and holy cow I didn't know what Saloon was.

We had dinner at the Red Dragon (on the way to pick him up there was a fight in the street) and then hung out at on his balcony at his apartment (which has an amazing view) before drinks and dancing at Saloon (goodness gracious).

I printed some homemade art and framed it to help add decor to his apartment I ended up including photos of the famous Wondrous Punch from Red Dragon which is coincidentally where we dined that evening.
Anika's going to Kenya for a year!

She is doing all the things I think "That would be cool to do for a year". But she actually does them.
I went up to Walker with Laura and Bill this weekend to camp, play guitar, drink and see newly returned veteran, Brian Ness at Nessfest. Goodness, it was like I was in college again. Sunday I could bearly drive home, I was so tired. I stopped in Clearwater and took a little nap.
Here are Bill, Laura and I in our shirts at Laura's parent's cabin in Nevis where we stopped to shower on the way home.

Hamm's was the drink of the day and here is what is left of the throne of some 30 cases of the beer.

Aimela is in town!

Last night I dropped by Jon and Natasha's new place so we could all hang out with Amy who is in town from Baltimore for a little visit. She brought her puppy, Scout, and we talked about life all night long.

P.S. I cut my bangs last week
Sometimes I like them, sometimes I think I look either 35 or 5.

Hard work.
Embroidering on the fleece baby blanket is turning out to be way hard. I traced my image onto some plastic, water soluble fabric stabilizer and it's making me slow my stitches down. But nonetheless, I think it is turning out just as nice as any machine embroidery.

Crafty Girl
Ohmigoodness. I just found a blog that offers free embroidery patterns to download. I'm in heaven.

I've been asked to embroider on a fleece baby blanket for a coworker. This will be an experiment, because fleece is not easy to embroider. You have spray-adhesive or iron (iron + fleece = possible melting) on a stabilizer so it doesn't stretch and you can't use a hoop. I did a little internet investigating into the subject and picked-up some good tips. Wish me luck!

I really think I'm going to buy this sewing machine I found on Craigslist for $75. It comes with the table that it folds into and they offered to deliver it. I sent mom the link and she says go for it, so I'm going to go look at next week. I want to put it in the dining room under one of the windows - maybe with one of the chairs we inherited from Julia's boyfriend when he moved to Boston. Perfect.

Then I can add custom edges to my pillowcases and make my own aprons, skirts and pillows. Now, just need to learn how to sew.
Things I Love right now
Have I mentioned how much I love KAXE recently? I called in yesterday during my second favorite show, Currents (my favorite being Green Cheese, whose picnic is coming up on the 25th - another reason to go Up North), and requested three songs. My requests included my current favorite song "Unglamorous" by Lori McKenna (who opened for Faith Hill and wrote a lot of the songs on "Fireflies" for her. I can't wait until her new CD of the same title comes out next week, I've been loving her "Bittertown" for a while now), anything from Joan Osborne's new CD "Breakfast in Bed" and anything from Over the Rhines new CD "The Trumpet Child". Mark Tarner, the DJ played my requests immediately and mentioned me as the programmer! All this from my desk in St. Paul. Thank you streaming radio on the internet.

I'm all wired up this morning thanks to my weekly stop at my new favorite local coffee shop: Koplings. Which really does have the best coffee in town. I'm addicted to their single-origin mocha, iced of course. They use fair-trade, organic espresso and chocolate from a single place of origin and milk from a local organic, grass-fed dairy. All this within walking distance from my house and on the way to work at the same price as going to CorporateCoffee. How much better can you get?
Weekend home
On Friday I drove over to Bemidji and pre-shopped for Crazy Daze with mom. I bought a beautiful necklace from Kelsey's and we stopped into Wildhare for coffee. Mmmm, I miss their specials.

We also stopped at my new favorite store in Bemidji, Mattie's Menagerie. I picked up the most gorgeous vintage handmade pillowcases and an antique embroidered one too (I can't resist).

Saturday was the real crazy daze and I had a ball looting Ben Franklin for new kitchen towels to embroider and discount scrapbooking supplies.

Ha! Ann Coulter's book was on the clearance table at Book World:

Dad and I volunteered in the Beer Tent at the Dragon Boat festival and Mom competed on City Hall's team. They placed 40something out of 60. I checked ID's at the door with Mike, the over-the-road trucker. It was a good time and free Blue Moon all afternoon!

Here they are parading in during the opening ceremonies:

Saturday night I went to Green Cheese and found that Amber's road has been paved! She was so proud of her new garden and I thought it was really beautiful. She was digging potatoes for us to take home. Mmmm. Here is her flower and herb garden:

Then, to complete my Saturday of fun I met up with Carolyn and Kate for some dancing at Keg and the Beer Tent again. Here we are ready to go out (along with Kate's roommate Katie):

Sunday, I scavenged veggies from my parent's garden and made the long trip home. Motley needs a traffic light at the Hwy 10 and 210 intersection:

Monday night there is nothing on TV and I wanted some cake, so I made red velvet with homemade powdered sugar frosting.

Last night I laid out my new patterns from Sublime Stitching (yes I ordered more) on my new towels from Ben Franklin. I'll iron them on tonight, cause I will soon be out of projects at work and I can't wait to do some Krazy Kitchen designs. Here are the results of my Country Cool pillowcases:

I don't golf
But my boss had a golf fundraiser last week and I helped out. As well as had a really good time up in the woods and Lake Vermillion.

Here I am watching the "Hole-in-One" for 36 dozen golf balls. The beverage cart came around periodically with free beer. So, I started drinking around 1:30pm and didn't really stop until 1:00am. But, I spaced them out enough that I wasn't ever really that drunk. Weird. Maybe I'm talented.

Here's the hole I watched

I'm getting ready to paint the apartment
So, I washed the bathroom walls last night (wouldn't want to do too much at one time:). Also, I filled all the holes in my room and tried to take down the hideous wall sconces and the ugly shelf that is mounted about a foot from the ceiling.

I got the sconce hanging, but it looks like I'm going to have to unwire it to take it off. Which is a little scary to me, but my maintenance man friend Joe offered to help. Gee, that's too bad that I have to take it completely off to paint. What a good excuse to put something new up!

And as hard as I tried to unscrew the shelf from the wall, I got no where. I'm going to have to try the drill - do they make flat heads for that?

Plus, I need to buy paint!

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