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Things I'm loving/want to do right now:
  1. Buy copious amounts of Minnesota grown squash, pumpkin and apples.
    Look at my cute display from last Fall.

  2. Cook & bake copious amounts of food with said produce
    Fall feast with Jessica and my roasted pumpkins for pie.

  3. Decorate for fall with gorgeous deep purple dahlias.
    image via Coco + Kelly

  4. See Eric Church @ the Cabooze on October 23rd. When the heck is his new album coming out?

  5. Dress exclusively in the colors eggplant and plum. I'm obsessed with the dark hued purple, it's what I want to wear every morning. I'm dreaming of wearing a plum dress to a wedding in October. Maybe, I'll find one at the Salvation Army...

    Dresses Nordstrom and J. Crew

  6. See Girl Talk on November 3rd @ First Ave. with all my friends, it's shaping up to be a super-fun night

Squash Sensation

The squash pizza actually turned out delicious! I used this recipe for inspiration, but didn't follow it exactly.

When I got home from work I roasted the squash while I went out on my run (with no iPod and soggy shoes cause I got caught in the thunderstorm two days ago and I may have fried my iPod. I'm letting it dry out for a week.)

After stretching and watching the news with Marisa, I scooped the squash out of the shells, chopped a quarter of an onion and grated (with my new grater I bought for carrot cake) half a block of Gruyere cheese. I made up my crust and rolled it out. I forgot to poke it and pre-bake it, but it didn't matter.

I seasoned the crust with rosemary and thyme and some olive oil. Then, I spread my chopped onion and spooned half of my squash all around the crust. I added lots of cheese (more than the recipe called for) and seasoned again. And popped it in the oven while I showered.

The whole house smelled wonderful and it was done by the time I was dressed. It was so good! It tasted like yummy cheese squash hot dish on crust.

Here is the pizza from yesterday, isn't it pretty?:

I think these two pizzas would make excellent party food. Maybe for a debate watch or super bowl party? Canadian bacon for the meat eaters and squash for the veggies. However, not everyone may have my same taste. But you really can't go wrong with homemade pizza. Maybe a BBQ Chicken pizza for Anthony who doesn't like fruit on his pizza. Just thinking out loud.
Julie actually cooked!
I made a delicious homemade pizza last night. I was inspired by one that I had at Axel's Bonfire last year. Axel's had prosciutto, brie and apples on their pizza. But, prosciutto is too fatty for my taste. So, I used good old Canadian bacon instead.

I peeled two honey crisp apples with my CRAPPY peeler and sliced them (while having a lovely political chat with my Mom on the phone). Turned out I only needed one apple, so I brought the rest of the slices in my lunch today. I mixed up my Jiffy crust (best $.69 ever spent) and stretched it on my pizza stone. I sprinkled on some olive oil, thyme and rosemary. I had looked online for seasoning inspiration and sage was suggested, but I didn't have it.

I didn't really know how to cut the brie round (4.5 ozs), so I just sliced it up willy-nilly.

Then, I layered the Canadian bacon rounds, apple slices and brie. Sprinkled a little more seasoning and salt and pepper and oil and put it in the oven. After 18 minutes the crust was crisp, the apples were tender and the cheese was melty and it smelled so good.

Of course, I took pictures, but I switched purses and the essential cable that I need to get pictures off of my camera is at home.

Anthony's been gone all week so I can make things that he doesn't like. Like fruit and Canadian bacon pizza. Mmm.

I think tonight I want to make squash pizza with one of the four different kinds of squash I bought last night. I placed them on the china hutch, of course. Time for squash soup and squash hot dish and spaghetti squash bowls!
It's September and I've been doing things, but not telling about them
So sorry that I haven't posted. I don't have a good excuse, just haven't felt like I have anything that great to say. I need to take a visit and go home and get some tomato-goodness from Mom. And I was telling Melissa how excited I am to make squash soup (squash is so cheap!). Yay Fall cooking. I even made a carrot cake from scratch last night. I shredded the carrots by hand and everything (no food processor, I had to go to Target and buy a grater. I told my new roommate that I need to get married so I can just register for it:).

I was trying to make the fabulous carrot cake that Sue Doeden used to bring in for the Uptown Caffe. I searched her website and allrecipes.com and I thought I had found one similar, but it wasn't quite the same. Still really good and moist and yummy frosting, but not as good as Sue's. I might have to email her and ask for the recipe.

I really need to clean out my purse. It's full of all kinds of crap and receipts. I technically should be switching to my plum (the color I am obsessed with right now) Winter purse, since this one is a lovely limey mint green, but the green one is just such a good size and things don't get lost as easily.

I did do a good top to bottom cleaning of my house a couple weekends ago. I even dusted and clean out my closet. Amazingly, after removing two plastic boxes of clothes from my closet it is still full, ugh.

Campaigns have been calling for me to volunteer. I feel so guilty, cause I just don't want to. Maybe if I was really excited about a candidate, but I'm more just, meh. However, Sara Palin bugs the crap out of me and Norm Coleman's ads are really horrible. So, I've agreed to do volunteer recruitment for SD 64 and door knocking for the Senate Caucus.

Anyway. It's been a while since I unloaded my camera and here are a few things I did:

Oh, Minnesota State Fair, how I love you.

The massive crowds.

The healthy food.

The Beer

The butter sculptures.

The embroidery. (I never did get my entry done.)

The pretty jars of Minnesota's finest.

I miss marching band.

The DFL!

We got caught in a group of protesters and riot police on Shepard Rd. during the RNC. There was tear gas and percussion grenades and everything. Scary.

I caught one of the last movies on the roof of the year at Solera with Erica & Naomi. It was Breakfast at Tiffany's. Yummy tapas and $5 cosmos. The drinks and my scarf kept me warm.

We needed an updated picture of ourselves in the exact same pose. This time at Hat Trick in St. Paul. We were there with his cousin, Matt, to see his coworker's band, Rocker's Lament. They played a cool, classic rock sound.

Erica & I braved the rain to use her free tickets to the Renaissance Festival. Despite the rain, the boobs were out in full force.

I tagged along to a house party where Anthony played beer pong. It was a strange mix of college (keg beer, but free) and grown-up (brie and cherry compote). And I actually knew people who were there besides the people I came with.
It's cold (outside & inside the office) and I'm thinking about yummy warm things to cook.
Things I'm missing right now:

Mom's garden freezer corn. I want a package to make some yummy potato corn chowder.
Mom's tomato sauce. I want some to add to my pastas and soups.
Mom's zinnia's. I love the pinks, oranges and purples of the late summer flowers.
Green Cheese nights with the Neumann/Grage/Schogren's. It was Amber's b-day and her card came back to me with an insufficient address (even though it's the same one I always use - Name and Zip).

Must be time to visit Bemidji or at least call my Mom.
Make your own Obama tee shirt!

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