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Did anyone else think the deer thing on Grey's Anatomy last night was stupid?
Yea, me too.

And just like Andrew's facebook status I too am "angry at whomever decided The Office should be on during Grey's Anatomy."
A few things
Florisita posted a list like this on her blog a few days ago and I wanted to too, so here's my (current) list.

    I Love:
  • Pillowcases. New, old, embroidered, it doesn't matter. I love them, I can't explain it.

  • Clearance, thrift stores and antique stores. Good deals in general, who doesn't like that?

  • When people come to visit me at the office.

  • Bemidji and Guthrie and the people who live there. The trees, the lakes, the peace, the fun.

  • Produce and flowers from my parent's garden. The best tasting veggies and the most beautiful flowers.

  • KAXE Community Radio. DJs who know me by face, by location and by music selection. I love that I can call-in in the afternoon and have all of my new favorite songs played and I can call-in on Saturday night and connect with Guthrie Nation listening at the same time.

  • Treadle Yard Goods. Beautiful, local, inspiration.

  • Etsy. My new shopping obsession.

  • Skirts. I pretty much only want to wear skirts or dresses every single day. I feel weird when I wear pants. We'll see how this goes this Winter.

  • Damask. If it wasn't totally weird, I'd probably wallpaper and upholster everything in it. I just think it's beautiful.

  • Politics. Really, how can you not?

Okay, so I'm pretty proud of myself
This summer I've been really good about running at least three times a week and often four or five times a week. This is a big deal because I've never been athletic and never run for fun or exercise in my life. I've worked my way from about thirty-five minutes and almost three miles last June to fifty minutes and four and a half miles now (my next goal is to do this in less time). It's still really hard and I'm completely reliant on my iPod for motivation, but some days it's just easier than others. Also, I play a game in my head where I see how many other people that are on the treadmill that I can out last (I totally win every day).

Doing this (and wearing heels everyday) has really taken a tole on my bad knee. And subsequently my ankle, hip and even my neck were starting to be painful. I cornered friends and relatives for free medical advice and finally took some and started stretching a couple weeks ago. As well, I got a massage last Friday and oh my goodness it has made all the difference. It's not agony to walk down stairs any more and my knee isn't screaming through my first two miles everyday.

And the best part is that the winter clothes that I put away last Spring - now fit better!

Okay, end of bragging, I won't talk about this again for a long time.
A coworker went to an estate sale today

and brought me back all of this embroidery floss! Score:)

I started my sewing class last night and I'm really excited to get sewing. I decided to make a skirt (with a zipper, oh my) out of some burgandy cotton.

Just that much closer to a Domestic Goddess:)
Natasha has some gorgeous pics of her roadtrip

on her blog.
It seems
that Danielsjourney is back! Heart.

Monday night television moves me to do crafts

Here are two pieces of my apron that I'm starting (before class). Last night I cut all of the pieces and pressed the seams of some of them. And these were the first two to be pinned together. This picture was taken right before I did a little practice on my machine and promptly jammed it. I spent the rest of the night removing thread, oiling the machine, breaking two needles and yanking on the bobbin holder with a pliers. I think there is something wrong with the bobbin holder part cause it won't wind anymore. Also, I can't figure out how to lower the presser foot. I need advice from Mom on this.

Sometimes I feel like it would be easier to hand sew the whole thing.
It was Ben's last day at the Senate on Friday

And we sent him off with a bang at the Happy Gnome:)
Like I need any more reminders that I'm single

This arrived for Mr & Mrs. Albrecht last week. F'ing Sheraton. Maybe they have me confused with my parents?

Just like the "Single? stpaulsingles.com" signs on my on/off ramps to remind me at the beginning and end of everyday that I don't have a boyfriend. Arg.
In the time it takes to watch Rachel Ray,

YoursandMine 009, originally uploaded by juliemaealbrecht.

I whipped up this little (almost) redwork heel on a handkerchief. This will probably be a Christmas present to some lucky lady.

So, a danger when work is this slow, is it is much to easy to go shopping online. And yesterday I couldn't resist this vintage chintz fabric and old apron pattern on etsy. I can't get enough of roses lately. And these remind me of the peach cabbage rose wallpaper my mom had in her room when I was growing up.

That the Sex and the City movie started production yesterday and is slated to be released on May 30th 2008. Woo - everyone hope for no special session so we can go see it when it comes out!

via Perfect Bound
Note to self:
Lean Cuisine Macaroni and Cheese is really not that good. Do not buy again.
Oh the possibilities

I'm loving my most recent project (but really what one don't I love?). It's a set of "Mine and Yours" pillowcases. As opposed to "His and Hers" or "Mr. and Mrs." Cause, um, I don't really have a need for those right now. It was supposed to match my top sheet with the rose on it, but then I started adding deep purple and orange and yellow and lavender and now I don't know if it still goes. Or if I really want it to. I think it might look better with my hot pink sheets instead. I'm really trending toward coordinating my sheets and not a full-on matchy-matchy set right now.

I signed up for a beginning sewing class at Treadle Yard Goods last night. I went back and bought some more chintzy, on-sale fabric and some cotton muslin to practice sewing on and maybe make Martha Stewart's State Bird Quilt. Or I could use it to for the huge peacock embroidery pattern I have and make a duvet cover or a table cloth - to enter in the State Fair next year. I should really wait until after Christmas to do any more projects for myself though, so I can focus on making presents. The class starts next week and it's Wednesdays in the evening and I think I'll try and make an apron.

I also signed up for a bible study at church. I don't think I knew what I was getting myself in for because it is apparently very intense. That's alright though because, I really need a spiritual outlet - like I used to get from EPIC, so I'm excited. Plus, I really want a reason to spend more time with the minister:)

And new member classes start on Sunday evening too.
Sunny Weekend

I ran some errands in my favorite hot pink cashmere cardigan on Saturday. I went to Treadle Yard Goods and got a couple books, a pattern and some lovely fabric to try out my new sewing machine.

I cleaned the machine, wound the bobbin, threaded the needle (with the only thread I had - hot pink, no less) and was all ready to go. But, unfortunately, I cut the fabric wrong and turned it into scrap. Live and learn. You should see how adorable my sewing machine is. I need to take a picture of it when I get home.

So, instead I did laundry and hung pictures on the wall in my room (above is my wall with my new posy decals and prior to hanging). Here is my finished top sheet. I'm using these pink pillowcases until I finish embroidering the green ones. Although, I kind of like the added color.

I hadn't been to the grocery store in about three weeks (except for a quick milk and cereal run) and it was really starting to bug me that I hadn't cooked in forever. So, Sunday I stocked up on essentials and also the ingredients to a few things that my days working in coffee shops actually taught me how to make (besides coffee).

I had all the burners on my stove going with pots full of wild rice (from Clearbrook, no Native rice at the store - must get some in Bemidji), eggs, potatoes and chicken. I chopped up celery, sliced and diced and ended up with (more than I wanted, but really how can you do this small?) big batches of potato salad (with lots of egg like I like it) and chicken wild rice salad. Yumm! All of this done in my apron of course.

Again, I should have taken a picture. Oh, well.

Later, I got out the power sander I borrowed from my dad and sanded down the bathroom door so it would shut correctly. Hopefully, this will be an end to the door's slamming from guests.
For a laugh
I took the advice of Jess and Bryan and did a little 39 question survey. I laughed out loud. Number 17 is what my mom always wanted me to be, number 4 is what I thought I would end up doing when I started college, number 20 is what I do on the side and number 11 is pretty much what I actually do. Maybe someday I'll get around to doing number 1. Or make a lot of money doing number 18.

1. Go to careercruising.com
2. Put in Username: nycareers and Password: landmark.
3. Take their "Career Matchmaker" questions.
4. Post the top twenty results




Corporate / Commercial Lawyer




Computer Network Specialist


Criminal Lawyer


Civil Litigator




Legal Secretary


Telephone Operator




Administrative Assistant


Court Clerk


Office Manager


Federal Agent


Human Resources Specialist


Foreign Service Officer






Economic Development Officer


Website Designer

Julie and Jessica at the Library in Mpls

Our favorite place for cheap beer ($1, then free!) and to remind us that we are old (relatively) and not undergraduates and that undergraduate boys are immature.
Are we doing that now?
I was reading a blog today and the blogger used "perf" as in "perfect". Are we doing that now? Shortening anything and everything? Whatevs.
Pleasant surprise at work
Lori McKenna was on World Cafe on KAXE today. Joy!
Friday Sushi

Andrew and I had lunch at Fuji-Ya on Friday. It's a sushi restaurant downtown St. Paul that I've been meaning to try. Yumm.
Kate was in town Friday night

We had a lovely night of drinks, gossip and thai food.
I'm very proud of my drill
I did laundry, cleaned the house, put up pictures and screwed my mirror into my wall (with my cordless drill) in my super cute apron on Saturday. Oh and I put up my cool new decals of posys from ellynelly
Andrew and Julie at Bonfire on Grand

We went out last night, here's the proof.
Crafty shopping for good

Go shopping in Mpls tonight and help out the bridge disaster victims.
With the new school year here, I am so glad to not be in school and am amazed at teachers - who enjoy doing that year after year. And it makes me think of my two friends that inspire me everyday. In college they were outstanding students who gave even more to the community by volunteering in a town they would eventually leave. Now they are teachers working with Teach For America in New York City and Baltimore. They give so much of themselves for their students, it amazes me.

Yet, the f'ing system beats the life out of them. Beats them down by not having a stable administration to ensure safety and continuity in their classrooms. A system that fires them every year, makes them reapply for their jobs, but won't let them apply or transfer to other schools. A system that puts too many kids per teacher in a room. And puts them in a sweltering annex away from other's view.

And yet they persevere and excel and succeed and their kids LEARN.

Cheers ladies - here's too a wonderful school year.

Cocktail Hour towel finished

I modified my martini pattern with a lime and an orange to make an appletini and a cosmopolitan. I also used vintage letters from my Grandma's stock of transfers. Our kitchen towel drawer is full, so this will probably go to someone for a housewarming gift.
Andrew & Julie at the beach
Andrew took me to Lake Calhoun for Labor Day. We each brought the 1lbs+ Vouge and W magazines to flip through and scrutinize the ads. There was this cute old couple having a full on picnic in the grass between the 2 paths. I couldn't decide if it was a date or if they were already married. Andrew decided it was an affair.

It was not crowded until later when we were joined by some obnoxious beach neighbors. "Real sunless tanner smells way worse than the gradual lotion. It smells metalic, cause it has bronze in it. Like actual bronze." Then their Jimmy John's garbage blew over to us in the wind. Then we left.

I ended up with a funky sunburn cause I just put a little sunscreen on my shoulders. Now it looks like I have wavy shoulder pads on or something.
The Format

Erica and I enjoyed the Format show on Sunday night at Station 4 in St. Paul. Lindsi was there! I love Minnesota - everywhere I go, I see someone I know (also talked to a girl from the Boston 2004 trip).

The main room with the stage was alcohol free, so to drink beer you had to go up where the bar was and watch through a couple openings in the wall. Erica and I hung around long enough to get to the front of one of these and so we stayed there the rest of the night. It was above the crowd and a lot less sweaty.

They played lots of old songs that I could sing along to and some new songs that make me want to buy the CD. The people behind us where fun and cool. The girl next to us couldn't stop texting. Who is so important that she could put it away for a couple hours?

State fair

We share all of our food. Collectively we ate a chocolate covered salted nut roll, iced latte, more coffee, pronto pup, Italian beef sandwich, rootbeer, cheese on a stick, lemonade, chocolate malt, cookies, milk, beer, and strawberries w/ whip cream. Yum.

We are rootbeer snobs. But we decided that 1919 rootbeer was just as creamy and sweet as A&W.

I drooled all over the linens in the creative activities building. I checked out the competition and am going to start a table cloth to enter for next year.

The Hennipen History Museum had an exhibit of antique aprons up that was just beautiful.

This lady was MAKING lace. Have you ever heard of someone making lace? Did you know there is a Lace Society in Minnesota? Me either.

Mmmm, pickles.

How pretty are these jellies?

Breads and muffins

Only at the State Fair would you think it was reasonable to dress head to toe in tie-dye.

Just dahlia's this year in the horticulture buliding, no glads:(

Farmer's Union next to the DFL booth.

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